About Us

Wonder Wardrobes was born with the dream of telling stories in the way that it reaches out to each and every woman out there! Wonder Wardrobes tells stories in tangible ways, so that it can touch you (quite literally), not through words, but jewelry. We keep in mind the needs and desires of the modern woman & make her everyday experiences more beautiful.

We have something for every occasion, from office wear to ethnic & chic, party jewelry. Our carefully curated jewellery is aimed at incorporating wonder in every woman’s wardrobe. We abide by the thumb rule of self love and bid adieu to all the other rules, especially those that women’s lives on a daily basis. By curating a sense of aesthetic that would appeal to all the boss ladies in the universe, our innate motive lies in celebrating all the quirks and eccentricities of a woman.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an intimate community to cherish life as it comes and create a mindful hustle to be better versions of ourselves. We hope to add a glittering dash of wonder to the daily struggles of a woman through our sensuous yet spunky designs! Our goal is to bring a smile that reaches your eyes, and our jewelry will add the extra sparkle.

We, at Wonder Wardrobes, are aware of the responsibility that every brand and every individual today has towards our planet and to do our bit, we ensure that the least amount of plastic is used in our packaging. We love our trees more than we love our Wi-fi (which is how it ideally should be) and wish to spread that love wherever we go. So we started an initiative named as #LetsBeejIt in which with each product delivery, we carefully send along some seeds for you to do your bit towards the environment. We don’t have all the solutions readily available with us as of now. This only propels us to strive further towards sustainability and spread a cheer at every step that we take.

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