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10 Upcoming Accessories Trends for Fall-Winter 2015-16

Time to feel the warmth of love in golden sunlight with the smell of snow…! Hey.. hey.. hay… the season of rejoicing oneself in cosy duvets with a cup of hot coffee choco delights with style as fall is spreading its wings. So gear up guys and deck up your closet with hiphot trendy accessories […]


8 Footwear must haves!

We women are crazy about heels. Obviously after diamonds our best friends are those pumps/ flats/ kitten or stiletto heels that we carry and you gotta agree, you love them more than your crushes 😉 But there are always some shoes that you love more than the other ones but then there are shoes that […]


8 ways to incorporate sneakers into every outfit

Personally, I was of the opinion that sneakers are meant to be worn to a very few places. The gym, when you decide to trek or during any physical activity. Who even considers sneakers as an option while we rummage through our hundred pairs of shoes trying to find the best one? One day, after […]



Whether you’re an athlete or just a gym freak, wearing the right attire is of utmost importance so that you feel at ease during your workout. There are no set rules or uniforms but some types of clothes are simply better than others when it comes to comfortable active wear or gym wear. Moreover, who […]


Celebrity Footwear : PUMP up the show

You must’ve seen it all almost everywhere; from the ramps to the streets, from high-street fashion to the red carpet and from star-lit parties to everyday street-style. The star of this post is the most foolproof fashion footwear, that has been a trend for almost every season in the sartorial world. PUMPS. The obsession list […]


Lace It Up Girl: How to wear your lace outfit?

Many trends may come and go, but lace is to stay forever. Once reserved for lingerie trim only, this fabric is staging a comeback, showing up on everything from sleek day dresses to frilly weekend tops. No matter the weather outside, we always love to wear something lacey. A lace top or dress brings out […]


Skirts: A Must-Have In Your Wardrobe

Fashion is about carrying the clothes confidently in your own comfortable way. Skirts are a girl’s favorite. Every girl loves to wear skirts. It’s summer time and so skirts are the best to wear on a date or on an outing with friends. There are various options available in skirts but skater skirts are the […]


10 Shoes Every Man Must Own

Shoes are not only a woman’s best friend, even men should learn to adore their shoes. You know, footwear has the capability to make or break your outfit. There are a lot of options available for men too, from loafers to formal wears , there exists a wide range of footwear to choose from. Knowing […]


9 Outfits to style with your ankle boots

Ankle boots are the perfect transition footwear from summer to fall to winter. Efficient and comfortable, they are what you grab and put on, when in a hurry and still want to look stylish. The “Chelsea” boot or more commonly known as the ankle boots was the remarkable invention of Queen Victoria’s shoemaker J. Sparkes-Hall […]


8 Best Looks of Sonam Kapoor Decoded

There is a reason why our favorite Ms.Kapoor is known as the fashionista of Bollywood. She nails every look from walking the red carpet to casual movie night, perfectly.It’s hard to select her best looks as she rarely has an oops moment. Every single outfit of her’s is to die for.  We have here 8 best looks […]