We are often scared to come out of our comfort zone by playing it safe with what we wear but at the same time, we want to add that edge to our look, we want to stand out in some way and not make ourselves look like we are trying too hard. Well! It is not as difficult to achieve as we think. We often get intimidated by the variety of accessories available and end up by not even giving them a chance. Here is a list of the most basic and essential accessories that can jazz up your outfit to the perfect amount.


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Choosing the right kind of bag to go with your outfit can be a headache; especially if it’s the first time you are buying a bag. I would suggest you to go with a basic black, peach or tan color sling bag for a casual look. For a more formal look, you can go with shades like blue, nude, maroon or black satchel like the Hermes Birkin.



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Adding a quirky scarf to your outfit can transform the whole look. It’s like splashing paint on a blank canvas and giving it life! There is no perfect scarf for the perfect outfit, just experiment with different colors and I’m sure you will love the way you look. You can check out for some pretty cool prints.



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What can be better than a pair of sunnies? They protect your eyes and make you look so damn hot. What are you waiting for? Grab the prefect pair of shades and you are sure to look like a diva.


shoes, sneakers, canvas, accessoryPeep-Toe-Heels-Black-Colors, black, formal, party, accessory

Wearing the right kind of footwear is one of the most important aspects to create the perfect look. Again because of the availability of so many types one often get confused and may buy something that looks good but is unnecessary. Instead you should first go for the basics and decide what suits you the best. For a more casual look, I would suggest a pair of sneakers or belle flats. For a more formal look, peep toes and pumps look really good.



straw hat
straw hat

I personally think that hats add a certain kind of cool vibe to your outfit. Be it straw hats or sunhats or fedoras; shorts paired with a casual tank top and a sun hat with the perfect sunnies and flip-flops is my ideal outfit for a day at the beach.


I hope I have been able to provide some inputs on the kind of accessories you can start with but let me tell you one thing pretty lady, your smile is the best accessory you can wear and trust me, it will not only make you feel good but also your pocket 😛

Have a great day!

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