Today I’m going to discuss about the much dreaded summer Acne and how to fight against it. Acne is caused by skin contact with certain ingredients in cosmetics that causes friction and irritation. Sweat mixed with excessive oil, as well as dirt and bacteria on the skin’s surface that clogs pores, aggravates acne-prone skin and leads to breakouts.

I make sure I follow skin care routine everyday because it’s summer and who knows what you’re going to face the next morning. During the summer I wear oil-free make up and I have two favorite solutions to acne and breakouts;

  • GARLIC: it can be used as an effective home treatment due to its anti bacterial properties and sulphur content. Cut garlic cloves into two and slowly rub the pieces on your acne. Leave it for five to ten minutes and then wash your face. Works best if repeated several times a day.


  •  EGG-WHITES: It’s a superb remedy used as a facial mask. It reduces the oil and minimizes the pores. Separate the egg whites from the yolk and mix few drops of lemon. Use a cotton ball to apply the mixture. Keep it for 10 mints and it will start to feel tight. Rinse clean and smile.

This hot and humid summer condition worsens the acne situation and so I was looking for some natural solution as well as products for acne prone skin and breakouts.

kama ayurveda

Recently I came across Kama Ayurveda through the Internet. They are pure, authentic Ayurvedic products using original time-tested balanced prescriptions. Treatments are 100% natural and use plant-based ingredients, prepared from organically – grown plants and herbs or collected by India’s tribal communities from natural habitats. This means – No artificial colors. No artificial fragrance. No animal ingredients. No petrochemicals, parabens, urea, propylene glycol or sulphates.

I have an oily and sensitive skin and so after a long research I called for two products according to my requirements.


  •  LAVANYA NATURAL PLANT MASK-  Natural Plant Mask, as prescribed in Ayurveda, is meant to nourish, deep cleanse and purify skin. It leaves the skin glowing and refreshed. It is also prescribed in Ayurveda as a treatment for acne and blemishes.  I have been using it twice a week, and love the results on me. Mix 2 – 3 teaspoons with the Aloe Vera juice to form a paste, keep it for 20-30 minutes and wash with cold water. To look & feel great now click HERE.

kama ayurveda

  • ORGANIC ALOE VERA JUICE COLD PRESSED  It is ideal for naturally glowing skin. Aloe Vera has anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti fungal, healing and cooling properties. It acts as an astringent, which closes the pores and forms a protective layer that helps retain moisture and hydrates the skin. I have been using it every day more than twice. Click HERE to buy now

kama ayurveda - organic aloevera juice

A perfect Ayurvedic treatment for your happy face. I just love its effects on my skin. My skin can’t stop thanking me for using these naturals products 🙂

P.S- Acne or no acne, Indian summer is tough. Remember to start your days with plenty of confidence and that beautiful smile. Good vibes throughout. 

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