Adapting To Proper Sleeping Habits: Few Tips

Having a proper night’s sleep is the most vital part of a healthy and fit routine of a human being. Sleeping properly plays a major role in how a person behaves round the clock. When it comes to sleep- quantity does not matter at all, it is the quality and the time cycle that matters the most in order to wake fresh and fab. Nowadays, with the hectic and frenzied schedule of every person in mostly the citified areas, sleep deprivation or most probably as we say it, Insomnia is the most common problem faced by people.

This issue has major long term effects on the body physically and mentally as well. Before jotting down the tips and tricks, it is important to tell that getting bonafide sleep is an all-day affair. It all starts from how you wake up, what you do the entire day and when you go to bed daily. Below are the techniques that would help you fight sleep deprivation and may help you get a good night’s sleep.


This means that you should try to wake up and go to sleep at a proper fixed time. As mentioned, it is the time cycle that matters the most to keep you up and running and not the amount of sleep. Choose a proper time when you are feeling sleepy the most and don’t let this moment go in vain, leave out all the tasks and go to sleep because after that time you would only toss and turn on the mattress wasting away time and not getting the quality sleep you desire.

Getting a good small power nap also helps in order to keep the body efficient and maintain its natural rhythm. For people with Insomnia, a nap can be boon as well as a bane. If the nap lasts for more than half an hour, it could disturb the sleeping cycle, thus try limiting the nap to about 15-20 minutes, just enough to keep the body charged up for the rest of the day.


Sleep deprivation is not only just caused due to the disturbance in your sleep schedule but also by stuff such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol etc. As any coffee lover, Caffeine is the stimulant that keeps you awake, up and working even though when the body is exhausted. Thus it disturbs the sleep cycle. Smoking is another habit that could induce insomnia in many. It contains Nicotine that slows down the release of sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin in the body making it difficult to get a proper quality sleep at night. And, although Alcohol may bring sleep initially but after few hours it acts as a stimulant, increasing the number of awakenings and generally decreasing the quality of sleep later in the night.


A proper pre-sleep routine gets the body into its rhythm to sleep and makes it much easier to get asleep. Usually, people tend to go to sleep just after dinner, eating just before bed can cause a number of issues. Any discomfort, however slight, will decrease your chances of a good night’s sleep. The sugar rush can also wake you up!  Thus, try to eat dinner approximately 1-2 hours before hitting the bed.

Now as far as the pre-sleep schedule is concerned take a shower, read a book, watch a bit of television or do some stretching just to relax those tired up muscles. These all could help you get in the mood for a quality sleep at night. Avoid stressful flurries such as discussing some emotional issues, using the phone or a tablet etc. Doing such stuff releases a hormone called Cortisol which increases the alertness in the body and not only this it hampers the production of Melatonin in the body responsible for inducing sleep.


Natural lightning is a boon for the body it not only keeps the Vitamin levels of the body intact but also keeps the internal schedule of the body unscathed. The first thing to be done in the morning is to keep the windows open in order to let the bright light of the scorch in.

Illuminations in the room also helps determine what type of sleep you would get. A quiet, dark, and cool environment can help promote sound slumber. To make it possible, make use of heavy curtains, blackout shades and eye masks in order to block the light to enter the eyes before sleep. Maintaining a proper and consistent room temperature along with proper ventilation of the room also helps to increase the quality of sleep.

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone and this makes it even more harder to get good sleep. The screen of the phone emits several luminescence, especially Blue light which disrupts the sleeping cycle of humans. Increased exposure to blue light from our digital screens at nighttime is partly to blame for the increased sleeping problems modern humans are reporting. Thus there are a few applications available that would help in reducing the sleep depriving lights emitted from our mobile screens, these include Twilight, f.lux and blue light filter. These applications help in controlling the emissions from the screen and help inducing sleep, maintaining the rhythm of the body.


These are few of the tips and strategies to be made use of by people suffering from sleep deprivation which would help them get proper and quality sleep during the night. Happy sleeping! Sound sleeping!

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