Advent Of The Hijabs And Abayas: More Reasons To Love Dolce & Gabbana!

What does the Middle East remind you of ? Jewels. Malls. Brick-built souks.Intricately designed places of wonder. Extravagant cities of luxury. Of course, not to forget the fashionable people of their world ,wrapped in head gear yet still look pretty without flaunting their tresses. That’s tough. Phew! While designer stoles were made available by regional designers quite early, the gorgeous women of the Middle East have received the ultimate treasure of fashion! To those luxury lovers of Arabia – it is a godsend gift like rubbing the magic lamp as for the first time, Italian luxury fashion giant – Dolce & Gabbana has presented a collection of  designer hijabs and abayas  – initiating a fashion revolution of the simple scarf. The traditional garments infuse with classic timeless fabrics and modern prints to give it the extra gaudy edge to the already self-made fashionistas – sparking a necessary fashion transformation of this century.

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The majority of the abayas are dominated by every lady’s fabric best friend : lace. Large layers of lace give it a heavy layered and flowy look. Alternate layers of of darker shades of black and shades of cream to white blend in easily. The minimal glimmer adds a touch of delicious sparkle to the outfit.

160107172950-dolce-gabbana-hijab-abaya-7-super-169   160107172340-dolce-gabbana-hijab-abaya-5-super-169    160107170628-dolce-gabbana-hijab-abaya-1-super-169


Other than lace , prints also give the resolute look. Variants include daintily transparent ones graced with crochet on the borders. The way these cloaks flow remind us of dresses themselves, making these capes beautiful elegant garments. Polka dots, alternate laces on see through fabrics give a charming look. The way it is designed, it looks versatile: you can look like you can corner the market and at at the same time, light up a party!

160107171607-dolce-gabbana-hijab-abaya-4-super-169     160107173131-dolce-gabbana-hijab-abaya-8-super-169    160107173913-dolce-gabbana-hijab-abaya-12-super-169

Taking inspiration from Spring collection, there is also the domination of botanical prints. Flaming crimson florals catch the eyes of most while you can feel a bitter-sweet experience from the dash of citrus with hints of ivy green emitting from the lengthy cloaks.

Another impressive feature about this line is the acessories. They not only lighten up this collection but could glam up everyday looks! Most of the hand bags and clutches imitate a common trait of animal skin patterns and my personal favourite are the shades – enhanced with blooming motifs of daisies and lemon. Blush pink, ruby red, lilac mauve, crocodile green and lightly embellished  accessories faintly appear, giving it a distinct touch from the ordinary. Whiffs of bronze auburn and tones of beige give a medieval feel. There is nominal usage of jewellery tinted with gold, giving it a “charm bracelet” feel.

160107173539-dolce-gabbana-hijab-abaya-10-super-169    160107172830-dolce-gabbana-hijab-abaya-6-super-169    160107173739-dolce-gabbana-hijab-abaya-11-super-169

Though aimed at a particular set of shoppers, it can be worn by all because it’s the basic mantra of fashion : it’s got no particular set of rules to be followed. This particular line brings out prints and neutral hues that can be paired with anything and here’s this question to all those fashion lovers who are simply not afraid to try something new, all around the world.

“It’s true, fashion doesn’t go down proper without the perfect lock of hair but I dare you – Can you rock that scarf ?” 😉


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