Alexander McQueen Resort wear 2016


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If you look at Alexander McQueen’s fall collection 2016 featuring elegant dying autumn, your mind will be soon thinking about “romance”, “beauty”, “positivity”, “flowers blooming”. Colors of spring and the hollyhocks, beautiful butterflies and violets, all of that was stitched onto extraordinary tulle (net fabric) evening dresses. “It’s the very opposite of last season’s darkness, and all about growth, freshness, springtime — and optimism,” said Burton, creative director.

The idea of the collection by McQueen is inspired from the Mother Nature characterizing smart tailoring, edgy leather, and a general mix and match of grunge –inspired look with the essence of spring. The collection includes everything from appliqués to cross stitched embroidery, to beautifully rendered flowers and above all the flowers interspersed with jewels.

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Tough white leather jacket with sweet pea prints appear within the line up thus giving a new edge to the collection featuring the favorite of Alexander McQueen, the 1940’s silhouette. The white sequence of the resort wear shows how the trends of 1940s are beautifully showcased by Sarah bruton in clinched waisted mid length skirt with a leather jacket. Bejeweled black belt adds wonders to the white and midi height is a different thing to be seen.

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Things get sexier with the floor length tulle gowns, bejeweled with the flowers that defines the spring in a new way and gives the garments a new dimension. The flavor of 40’s silhouette  can be freshly seen in the form of clinched waist , black high neck  floral top compliments the tulle jeweled floor length gown.

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On the white off shouldered mid length gown , clinched on waist with a black jeweled belt, the red and peach flowers of the spring totally compliment the overall look of Sarah Bruton this season. This is a collection of beautiful accessories as well as the glitters adding fine details to the collection.

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Semi-transparent fabric does the justice to the floor length garden gown as it perfectly lets the spring blossoms on the flawless skin of Sarah Bruton. The detailed cross embroidery on this sheer ensemble takes the collection on new height of the category i.e resort wear.

alexander mcqueen

This ultra floral ensemble with leather in its two amazing forms totally rock the combination of spring and grunge look 2016! Leather beautifully stitched into a crop jacket and knee length coat is paired with knee length dress. The “Lily of the valley” dress is well paired with the jacket and coat to put the options in a clear way.


What can get better than wearing a combo of ballerina dress and black jacket! Do you remember that time Buffy stopped the apocalypse armed with a crossbow, and wearing a leather jacket over her homecoming dress? Well, this is basically the high – fashion version of that.

Undoubtedly , the Resort wear 2016 by the Alexander McQueen is fresh, floral and the best looks from the collection are already before you,Despite its inspiration, this show was anything but garden variety, like Sarah Bruton can channel her feelings  Despite its inspiration, this show was anything but garden variety, like Sarah Burton can channel her feelings into growing her own secret garden at McQueen.


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