All About DENIMS!!


Hey girls, today I am gonna talk about denims!! Yup, denims are my besties and when I don’t have anything to wear or pair with, I just blindly go for denims but…wait! Now denims are not just limited to that pair of jeans you own. They’re available in skirts, shorts, jackets, and even lingerie. Spoilt for choices, aren’t we? Well, fret not. Here we are presenting some fabulous denim styles you need to incorporate in your wardrobe right now.

The Party Style

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Girls, if you love denim and sulk that you need to wear a dress to a party and get criticized for your denim styles in a party or a family occasion then stop sulking! This is your chance to bring out the gorgeous beautiful girl in you which everybody will love and that also in your own way with Denim Dress. Yes, and you can get loads of styles, variations, perfectly fitted silhouettes with lace work, cuts and embellishments. Style it with a brightly coloured scarf and brown boots, hair in braids or high bun or style it with a matching stiletto, belt and an elegant clutch with your hair left open.

The Early Morning Style

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Okay, to clear it, this outfit can also be worn casually at any time of the day. This outfit is all about tracksuit and joggers, pretty cool and very much in trend nowadays. I have seen people wear this to office too!! No kidding. So, you really don’t need to think too hard what to wear when you exercise or go jogging, just get instantly ready with your denim track suit or joggers, simply perfect for any kind of weather and also suits all your moods. For your morning dose of exercise all you need is your denim tracksuit and your running shoes. For your casual statement, you can go for loosely fitted top and a matching pair of sandal or loafers.

The Chic Style

P5622-CAD_W33D47D0EB2 3987142_lb 3377996_photoj-crew-denim-jumpsuit-profile

For this style, all you need is confidence, heels and obviously attitude! You can go for Jumpsuits or Rompers and you can actually style it in various ways. From elegant to casual look, but I would suggest that you go with a good stylish belt, bracelet, ear-rings and maybe a pair of sunglasses.  You can actually accessorise it pretty well, it really goes with the look and can be pulled off easily, you can go for both, the shirt type or the backless type. So, where do you wear it? A movie date, meeting with a friend or a semi-formal get together, take your pick!!

The Coat Style

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You can wear this over any kind of attire, looks sassy over a casual jeans or chinos. It’s ideal for a casual wear or you can try the fitted one over a dress to give it the formal touch. Perfect for times when it is a little breezy or chilly but you are reluctant to wear heavy sweater. Carry this look to college, or tuitions, hanging out with friends, etc. sport it with a duffel bag, sneakers or loafers and go for open hair or braids. You can even experiment your look with a sultry bold lipstick.


The Jacket Style

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We all already know about denim jacket but what I am speaking of is quite different from the traditional style. It has more of a designer touch to it. And this too can be styled with almost everything and is awesome in its own way. With embellishments and embroidery being the new trend it has become very popular among the youngsters. This is seen mostly paired up with shorts which indeed is a great look but I think that this can be pulled of very well with a dress too, with light work and lace work. It will definitely look cute on flared dresses.


The Lingerie Style

by-caprice-denim-denim-print-balconette-bikini-top-product-4-12261265-432665219 E52J17LOP85-U162 Billabong-Rosie-Denim-Daze-bandeau-two-piece

For Denim obsessed people who just cannot live without denim and it has unknowingly been a part of their daily life, try the denim lingerie. Well, it might sound quirky and almost erratic, but it’s perfectly cool! And sexy! This gives a kickass vibe altogether, match it with a pair of sunglasses and carry a chic umbrella along with it and off you can go on a sunny beach vacation.


The Printed Style

91q5zCFlGQL._UX385_ mango-IKAT-PRINT-DENIM-SHIRT_212932

Markets are flooded with Printed Denims in the form of jeans as well as denim shirts, and the demand is overflowing. With various washes subsiding, now it’s the time for prints. Sometimes, it’s print but most of the time it’s just the washes which are done in the form of a design giving it the look of a printed denim. Can be teamed with solid upper or lower depending what printed denim you have chosen to wear.


The Denim on Denim Style

This has been the question of many: how to style a denim on denim. Well, trust me, it’s not that hard. All you need to know is what suits you best and you are good to go. You can definitely go for the same shade of upper and lower wear but it is advisable that you don’t.


First things first,

Allergic-to-Vanilla-SF-Style-Blog-denim-on-denim-all-denim-J-Brand-grey-denim-distressed-denim-striped-buttonup-shirt-mini-scarf double-denim-models-cara-delevingne

So, jeans with a casual shirt and over that you can flaunt a denim jacket with shoes of your choice.  You can do the same with skirts or shorts, be it a long jacket or short or a waistcoat.




If you do go for both denims like jeans and even the shirt, make sure they are of different tone. Otherwise, it’s highly likely to to be a disaster. Different tones of denim make you visible, make you stand out amongst all the denims. Go for cool sunglasses and shoes to complete the look.


Last but not the Least,

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Do not go for different tones for this look, the Suit look!! In 3-piece or 2-piece, both should be of the same shade and it is the hottest new trend which is being followed worldwide.  All three pieces are made of denim, for this you just need a pinch of smartness and the confidence to carry it with elan.


Denims are fun to play with, experiment various looks but abide by the rules to look gorgeous. Denim is classic fashion and will forever be there for you to try all the different styles. Denims not only give a refined look but also are a very comfortable wear to be stylish and carry out your daily work at the same time.

Go. Be a Denim Dynamo.


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