Allergic To Junk Jewellery? Here’s How You Can Tackle It

As much as we love junk  jewellery, for many of us, it can be a real pain in the ass. The rashes, the itching, heck, the green stains on the skin! Junk jewellery allergies can be a nightmare. While the ideal solution would be to stop wearing  them altogether but you know there are some times when you just can’t resist the temptation of wearing one. We highly suggest you stay away from them as much as possible, but for the times when you can’t, we’ve got some tips for you to take care of those junk jewellery allergies.

  1. Silicone Earring Cushions

You know those white or clear buttons that you get sometimes with jewellery to use along with the earring screws? They can help you reduce the impending torture on your ears. Plug them with all the earrings possible. They provide a cushiony support to your earlobes and not just prevent your piercing from getting stretched, but also, create a barrier between the metallic screw and your skin, thus preventing uneasy rashes.

2. Good Old Clear Nail polish

Take out that top coat nail paint of yours and paint the inner side of your pendants and neckpieces. You want to apply two coats of the nail polish for best results. This ensures that the junk jewellery does not come into direct contact with your skin and still looks exactly the way it is. This method of dealing with junk jewellery allergies is not only easy to use but also, extremely cost-effective.

3. Vaseline To The Rescue

If your junk jewellery allergies are not major but also not completely non-existent, this should help you out just fine. Apply some vaseline or petroleum jelly generously onto the area of your skin that’s gonna be in direct contact with the jewellery before putting it on. It will create a protective layer and prevent any friction between your skin and the jewellery, which usually causes the rashes. If you do not like the stickiness of petroleum jelly, you could also use a thick moisturiser for the same.

4. Last On, First Off

This is a very basic thing to keep in mind, while wearing junk jewellery. Put on the jewellery after you’ve worn your clothes and done your hair and makeup. Similarly, they should be the first items that you remove as soon as you return from your party. Not only does it ensure that your junk jewellery remains new as ever, it also reduces the time for which your skin would have to bear its burden.

5. Choose A Silver Option

With junk jewellery designs being mass produced, it is sometimes not that difficult to find, if not identical, then quite a similar design in pure silver. The chances of you being allergic to pure silver jewellery are certainly lesser than those for junk jewellery which is usually made out of nickel. The silver ones might cost you a lot more but would certainly prevent your skin from turning into Hulk-skin.

While these methods are helpful but only to a certain extent. We strongly recommend you see a dermatologist lest your junk jewellery allergies go out of hand. No piece of jewellery, no matter how beautiful, is more important than your very own skin, ladies!

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