5 Brooches in The Town to Take Your Sass Level to the Top

Brooches are the latest fad these days and we aren’t complaining! They are chic, cool and can make you feel young all the way to your core. Brooches can be extremely fun and can bring immense amounts of sass to even your most boring outfits. We bring to you some of the most amazing brooches available to gorge on. We are sure that by the end of this article, you would be drooling in awe over these statement pieces.

1. Do Not Say No To Donut

donut brooch

Food lovers, alert! If you are that girl who strongly believes in the adage “Fries before guys”, then you sure would love this one too! Now, too bad we couldn’t get fries for you, but hey, can you complain about donuts? Heck no! This pretty bubble gum pink coloured donut brooch is sure to add oodles of fun and personality to your outfits. Wear it to your casual outing with friends or just a random college day; donut forget to resist yourself from eating this one!

2. Scarlett is Love


What, or rather who, can define “class” and “sass” better than Scarlett Johansson? Add a bottle of wine to that glorious image that you picture inside your head and voila! You have the most gorgeous brooch in town. We are totally crushing over those scintillating red lips and luscious locks! Get the lovely brooch here.

3. Life Lessons Can Be Fun!

life lessons brooches

Ladies, haven’t we always told you that life is too short to regret having not done something? Chuck the #FOMO and embrace all the bad choices that you’ve ever made in your life with this unique brooch. For you know, bad choices always make good stories. Remember those conversations you’ve had with your BFF about you being absolutely drunk while dating your ex? Well, this brooch symbolises just that. Be who you are, girl. Buy the brooch here.

4. ‘Cos One Pout Is Not Enough

pout brooches

A selfie is not a selfie if it doesn’t have a pout in it. Right, ladies? Alright, that might be exaggerating a bit too much but we all love pouting our plump lips and adding some glam to our selfies. Why not have another pout (brooch) that you could wear on your sleeve, all the time? That sounds amazing to us! We’re sure our phone batteries are gonna die too soon due to this pout brooch though.

5. Flirty & Chic Chanel

chanel brooches

No 5 Chanel perfume is heaven disguised in the form of a bottle and we all have come to a consensus with that. However, what if we told you that you can now not only wear that fragrance but also, wear-it, wear-it? Let me explain. This flirty perfume brooch is shaped in the form of the No 5 perfume bottle by Chanel and is tangy pink in colour. The water-colourish finish to the brooch makes it look all the more sassy and appealing. So, ladies, get this brooch now and wear your favourite goods!

Get some brooches real quick and set your sass game on point. 😉

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