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Go Minimalist On Make Up This Season


Many of us don’t like to put on so much of make up because we think it doesn’t look good, but a hint of little make up would do no harm to our skin rather it makes the skin appear brighter. In this article there are tips to put on basic minimal make up routine […]

Striped Tee: How to Pull it off in 10 Ways

Striped Tee: How to Pull it off in 10 Ways

Hola fashionistas! With winter already on its fag end and the latest trends in fashion that you might have missed this season, there is something you could always come up with if you still have an old striped tee and tops in your closet, which you think are far from the word ‘fashion’. Are you […]

10 Looks To Carry With Your Loafers

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Move on from diamonds; shoes are the new best friends of a girl. No girl ever said that she has enough shoes. Be it sneakers, heels, pumps, or the classy loafers; we want them all. Talking about loafers, one cannot stress enough on their ease and comfort. They look chic, strong and classy, all at […]

How to wear Pastel Makeup and carry it with oomph : Tips, Tricks and Cheats

How to wear Pastel Makeup

  Pastels are the latest fashion drifts be it clothing,  shoes, bags or even MAKE UP, so gear up lovely ladies. We do buy pastel coloured clothes and dresses but this time you gotta spend a bit on buying pastel coloured makeup products. For now, dump the Neon Lipsticks!!!! Yes, you heard me right girls, its […]

Gorgeous Ladies, Player men: Cricketers with B-Town Girlfriends


With the ICC Cricket world cup fever heated up, though India lost the semi finals. And its hard to get over  with it so soon, we hear about the BOLLYWOOD and CRICKET romance and its been on since ages…some of the relationships have been successful and some end abruptly…Nevermind… These kinda hot topics about cricketer’s […]