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Beat the heat : Cute and Fancy Ice Cubes

fruit ice cubes

The heat is on, and my is it humid this year. The only way, I repeat only way, to successfully beat the heat is with some chilled liquids. You head home from a long day at work, you chug some cold lemonade. A tiring workout, there goes a chilled bottle of coconut water. A night […]

8 ways to incorporate sneakers into every outfit


Personally, I was of the opinion that sneakers are meant to be worn to a very few places. The gym, when you decide to trek or during any physical activity. Who even considers sneakers as an option while we rummage through our hundred pairs of shoes trying to find the best one? One day, after […]

How many calories are you eating? Indian Food calorie count


No matter what you eat, ultimately you’re consuming calories. And despite the golden “rule” that celebration calories don’t count as calories, I have to inform you with a heavy heart that they very much do. But one would think that after binge eating burgers and pizzas ie “the unhealthy food”, coming back to our good […]

Wrist Tattoos– The Best A Girl Can Get

wrist tattoo for girls

Every teenager goes through this phase where she wants a tattoo of her favorite quote – this is usually from a song, a tumblr quote or something after a bad breakup! Then we have the free spirits who want wings and birds flying to embrace their sense of freedom and individuality.  Some chose a simpler […]


A-Z items every men need

It might seem like a guy’s outfit can’t be too hard to pick out. Just put on some jeans, pick out the first t-shirt you see and wear any shoes that seem like they’ll match. And ta-daa he’s ready. If I had to pack for a guy, I’d put 2 pairs of jeans, a few […]

Must-Have A-Z Items for Every Girl’s Fashion Arsenal

A-Z item that every girl need

If you ever peek into a girl’s closet, you’ll be amazed at the plethora of clothes she owns, yet you might still hear the infamous “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” line. It’s a common conundrum! Despite the vast collection, there are certain essential items that every girl needs, regardless of her unique style. Just like […]

Fine Dine And Red Wine

red wine glasses

The legal drinking age might be 25 but more often than not most people have tried, kept “trying” , got wasted and even swore they’ll never drink again (that’s only during a morning hangover, duh) before they reach this so called legal age. Now alcohol caters to each and every person, from different spirits to […]

A cover for each mood – all under 1500

Mobile Covers

Phone covers are the latest accessory for every girl! Your phone cover depicts who you are, and the best part is you can change it as often as you want. Girls are known to have enough moods; so, why not have a cover for every mood you have each morning? Feeling girly one day- use […]



Problems like a bad hair day, messy nail paint, tight shoes, stains etc are far too common these days. Instead of spending way too much time on solving such first world problems, I decided it was better to come up with some life hacks to make these small problems disappear fast! Here’s a list of […]