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Lipstick Shades You Won’t Be Able To Resist

Classic Red Lipstick By Givenchy

Listicks! I’ve said it and I’ll say it again, I’m a lipstick person. Personally, I think that the lipsticks we choose play a major role on all our makeup “outcomes”. From the nude-ish pink to the scarletest red, I can assure you that lipsticks can fix and detect the attention away of our faces’ imperfections. […]

4 Summer Hairstyles That You’ll Love

Hairstyles Messy Bun

As we start getting in the Summer and during the hottest days, I simly know that having long hair is often a nightmare. You just can’t control them, they constantly make you sweaty, itchy and above all annoyed. So, the last few days’ excessive heat (even in England, for god’s shake!) inspired me to write […]

Things You Always Need To Carry In Your Handbag


It’s well known that we carry waaaaay too many things with us. I mean you never know when you’re gonna need rubber bands or your favourite flavour of gum, right? In today’s article I’m gonna explain in fine detail the five things you always always need to have in your handbag. 1) Planner & Pen. […]

How To : Dress Like A Fashion Blogger

Dress Like A Fashion Blogger

Fashion Bloggers try to keep up with everything, the constant changes of fashion, the updating, and also the amount of money in our wallets. But hey, no one actually is born with a great knowledge of fashion or even a great taste. We all do research, we all search inspiration, we all wore terrible terrible outfits that […]

Latest Makeup Trends: Everyday & Night Out Tutorial


Makeup trends do change all the time. Though, most of the time they’re based on the season and the already trending colours of fashion. So, Summer’s here and I’m sorry to anounce that it’s time to leave your favourite burgundy lipstick and the really dark eyeshadows back where they belongs, to the Winter. Don’t panic! […]

Things To Get In Order To Look Perfect This Summer!


Summer’s officially here, warmer weather, longer nights… Life is just so much easier at the beach, don’t you agree? However, it’s a new season and I simply know that you women out there want both to enjoy Summer but also look beautiful during it. So, I’m here to help. Here is a detailed list of […]