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6 Amazing Ways To Light Up Your Room Using Fairy Lights!

fairy light

Have you ever felt that your room looks plane Jane? Want your room to have that dreamy, disney   like look. Here is the answer- Fairy lights!!! They say every person has a kid within. By adding some lights to your room, you never know! You may discover that kid within and rejoice life a […]

7 must-have Kurtas in your closet!

central slit

Kurtas – the epitome of ethnic cheek comfort . We all own tons of jeans and tops, but for a comfortable, fun day out a Kurta always comes in handy. These are the must-haves for any girl who is a die hard desi clothing fan… 1. The basic cotton kurta One of those I-don’t-want-to-dress-up days […]

7 YouTubers to turn your frown upside down !

7 youtubers

Got a frown on your face? Those times again, when you are totally down and want something to entertain you? Television is never there for you because it’s either the traumatising, plot-less saas-bahus, screaming, in-your-face Arnab or the obviously scripted reality shows. At times like these, fret not! Switch to YouTubers for a change. These […]