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Dress like a Parisian : Tips to pack for Paris – Part 1

how to pack for paris

Yes! Paris travel is on the cards very soon. Tips anyone? I know I’ve been away for eternity but it was just a really upsetting time. Lots of thinking and convincing through, I’m springing back again. So with the visa finally in place and less than a fortnight left to travel, here’s what I have […]

Dress up like sunshine: How to Style Yellow this Summer

casual yellow outfit

Now that summers are here and trust me they are scorching hot, there are three things I am in absolute love with. Staying indoors, lots of juicy colourful fruits like melons and mangoes and well the colour of mangoes. Every summer the colour yellow gets me on my knees. It is an absolute favourite. To […]

10 Bollywood Wardrobe Malfunctions You Just Can’t Ignore


I know I’ve been away for so long, but guess what was I up to? Spotting wardrobe malfunction of celebs to warn you of the fashion mistakes you should never commit. Here goes the list. Wardrobe Malfunctions can haunt celebs for life. Its like the only form of publicity they never want. Well, atleast I […]

Lucknow Ganjing Carnival : A History in The Making?

Ganjing Carnival

The City of Nawabs witnessed the Ganjing Carnival on the evening of 24th May, 2015. Were you there too? Here is why you should have been. The heart of the city saw crowds soaring in like never before, who needs a Champs Elysees when you got this – The Fashion Street of Oudh- Hazratganj Picture […]

Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2015- Madsam Tinzin


So Have you done your bit of stalking the Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2015 outfits yet? No?  Here’s bringing to you the ethereal collection inspired by the theme  “Aangan” presented on the Jabong Stage by designers Madhuritu Dutta, Saumya Sharma, Tina Bhardwaj, Stanzin Dazes under their label Madsam Tinzin. You ought to have heard of […]

Beat The Heat Going Floral : Spring Look Book 2015


So when winter is here, can spring be far behind? Now definitely winters are leaving to make way for spring and the weather change got me pretty sick for the last couple of weeks. The fortnight has been pretty hectic with a lot of travelling, getting sick, taking medicines and more of them and wanting […]