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15 Delicious and Healthy Desserts to Binge On Everyday

15 healthy (and delicious) desserts that you must eat!

The number one food item that all dieticians tell you to avoid is your most favourite one, aka desserts. If you ask me, the sole reason why anyone wouldn’t want to go on a diet is the thought of saying no to the sugar. Don’t you agree? Which is why, we at Wonder Wardrobes here, […]

Switch to aqua workouts this summer!

aqua pilates

There’s no time like summer time to lose those extra kilos. However, not many folks like sweating it out in the sweltering heat. The air-conditioned gym is a better option, yes, but its just too claustrophobic for you. It is for such people exactly that aqua workouts have been formed. And the good news? You […]

10 winter wonderlands you must visit at least once

Halla mountains2

Winters almost here which means the Christmas holidays are just round the corner too. Started planning on where to go yet?  When there’s a plethora of places to choose from around the world, I admit the decision won’t be that easy. So since you’re in a muddle already, why not try something new this year! […]

Cat eyes for every eye shape!

Cat eyes for every eye shape

While for some it may be as easy as combing one’s hair, for others drawing a cat eye can be hard as hell. Well we hear you gal! It can be challenging to pull off and needs a lot of patience and practise. But the result is gorgeous Cleopatra-esque eyes. What most girls don’t know is […]

9 Outfits to style with your ankle boots

Outfits to style with your ankle boots

Ankle boots are the perfect transition footwear from summer to fall to winter. Efficient and comfortable, they are what you grab and put on, when in a hurry and still want to look stylish. The “Chelsea” boot or more commonly known as the ankle boots was the remarkable invention of Queen Victoria’s shoemaker J. Sparkes-Hall […]

10 ways to style your pinafore

style your pinafore

Despite the fact that a pinafore was what we wore for our school-going-days, and got quite sick and tired of it, we can’t get enough of the pinafore right now! It’s risen to be one of the most versatile looks of the season. And though I wouldn’t say the possibilities are endless with a pinafore-there […]

10 Smart and Stylish Ways to Store Your Shoes

how to store your shoes

” I have too many shoes”- said no girl ever. ” I need more space for my shoes”- said girls everywhere. That’s right, we all can’t resist buying a new pair, but we also don’t know what to do with the ever growing population of shoes in our homes. And just when you thought you […]

Outfit Check: Powder Blue

Outfit Check: Powder Blue

What’s the one thing in common, between Taylor Swift and Kate Middleton? The favorite color of both of them is powder blue. And like all of us, they both love dressing up in their favorite hue! So, why not give powder blue a chance this season and you might just have a new go-to color. […]

5 Must haves to Nail the ’70s Look

the 1970's look

Want to channel your inner Farrah Fawcett, but don’t have the goods? Look no further because we at Wonder Wardrobes have put together a list of the 5 most essential pieces you just “need” to have to nail the ’70s trend, because it maybe 2015, but the yesteryear styles are still the most happening thing […]

8 best fashion magazines in India

sonam on Grazia Cover

Even with the advent of gadgets, magazines are one section of the print media that we still love to read. They have kept us company during long train journeys, countless beauty parlor waits, giggly hostel nights and those lovely leisurely Sunday afternoons. A magazine in its true sense has been our secret advisory in many […]