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14 Clever Comebacks to Shut Down Haters with Style

Dealing with haters and bullies can be challenging, but responding with wit and sophistication can leave them speechless. Here are 14 witty comebacks that will help you handle the negativity like a pro: “Wow, I bet you even fart glitter!” When faced with a bragger, use this humorous response to disarm them. “I guess if […]

Dazzling Ideas for the Perfect Prom Dress for the Perfect You

Prom? OH YES. It’ll be here in a few months and you’re definitely going to want to stand out. What better way to stand out than a gorgeous dress? Here’s your ultimate guide to all the possible designs you could buy or even get made. It’s exciting isn’t it? Makes you feel like a Fashionista […]

Dress to Look and Kill Like Selena Gomez on Budget

Selena Gomez is the queen of social media with 138 million Instagram followers. She’s the most popular person on Instagram! Her style, personality, talent and skills coupled with her honesty make her one of the most iconic and relatable role models of today.  With Selena the sky’s the limit; She has 5 albums out with […]

10 Things Guys Need To Know About Girls


Hey guys, it’s time to get your relationship right! Relationships are much more complicated than you boys think are, and we don’t mean that in a way where you need to be serious all the time or even over think everything, but in fact, just keep a few things, that we have covered here in our […]

Best Airport Looks Of Our Favourite Celebs


Being a celebrity isn’t easy, there’s tonnes of travelling accompanied with several outfit changes. Flights can be tiring and frustrating; Sitting in one place can get quite annoying. We mortal humans would prefer comfortable outfits, but celebrities are always on their job, and always need to look their best no matter where they are. Stick around […]

The Ultimate Soft Song Playlist For Peaceful Vibes

The Ultimate Soft Song Playlist For Peaceful Vibes

Listening to songs, specially slow, calming melodies can help reflect on life, reflect on yourself and work in peace. It’s essential to have a playlist that you can breathe through and peacefully enjoy. The serenity in these songs is truly amazing and worth a play! Keep a clear head while hearing these, it could help you […]

The Ultimate Workout Playlist

The Ultimate Workout Playlist

You’ve seen gazillion playlists, you’ve tried a hundred and there’s always something missing. It’s either too calm or too heavy or just something you can’t put your finger on. That one wrong song puts you off, and just one song gets you in the mood. But, a playlist is successful only if it keeps you […]

Day or Night, This Color’s Just Right!

Day or Night, This Color's Just Right!

Ever wondered what color could be dressed down in the morning and dressed up at night? It’s confusing! Black’s too evening and Yellow’s so morning and floral. Pink has gazillion shades and Red’s too loud. Grey’s too boring and brown’s too dull, blue’s a bit too cute and green’s a huge risk! It’s mind boggling, how […]

Golden Globes:The Yes and No of Fashion!

lady gaga

We all know the Golden Globe Awards took place on 10th January 2016 at the the Beverly Hilton hotel. The red carpet was crowded with the biggest stars in Hollywood on one of the biggest nights of Hollywood. There were big wins in store for Revenant and The Martian, but it’s the red carpet looks […]

20 Affordable Websites You Gotta Check Out!

20 Affordable Websites You Gotta Check Out!

Hey guys, I’d just like to start my post here with a snippet of this rad song! xx You’re a student, or you’re a workaholic, a mum or just an ordinary Joe, it really doesn’t matter, we all love shopping and we love SALES! But the recurrent hitch that prevents us from going all out […]