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Pronouncing Designer Names

Designer Names

Pronouncing those designer names can be tricky at times and you don’t want to be in a position to be corrected while shopping in their stores. *AWKWARD* Here’s our list of famous designers and their pronunciation. Welcome to your Fashion Class! Anna Sui: anna swee Ann Demeulemeester: ann de-mule-eh-meester Azzedine Alaia: azz-eh-deen ah-lie-ah Balenciaga: bah-len-see-ah-gah […]

Inside Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Mode Fall 2015

dolce & gabbana alta moda

As Wimbledon came to its Center Court peak and the eventual fate of Greece dangled in the wind, customers and press from around the globe accumulated on the Ligurian Coast for a weekend festivity of Dolce & Gabbana’s growing couture lines. Four years back the Italian originators dispatched their Alta Moda ladies’ line in Taormina […]

Lotions for You!


A hydrated and moisturized skin is a must for everyone. Lotions are basic essentials for the summer regime and can be applied anyway and anywhere. They not only keep the moisture stay locked in but also, keep you looking fresh and radiant. In short, they are a must and here is our list of the […]

Elie Saab Fall 2015 Couture – A Fairy Tale in Making

Backstage at Elie Saab Couture Fall 2015

Elie Saab is redefining fashion the Lebanese way and we are so not complaining! Elie Saab Fall 2015 Couture is hand embroidery to perfection and will take you the next level of a perfect fairy tale gown, it will totally make Cinderella envious. In my personal opinion, I haven’t found even one dress that doesn’t […]

How To Store Your Lingerie!

Keep your underwear protected

The joy of opening your closet’s drawer to find your lingerie arranged is amazing. What is up with putting on sexy bras and panties that makes us feel like the most badass angel out there? So, keeping them safe and clean is our eternal job cause they ain’t coming cheap and they are delicate. *feels […]

Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life!

Tumblr couples

Want to rekindle that love of yours? Want those sparks back? Want that longing back? Then you need to work on your relationship loves! No need to worry, you just need to woo your partner (again!) and show them how much you want them and how much they want you too. In every relationship, there […]

Foods to Eat During your Pregnancy


Being a mother is one of the best thing that can happen to a woman and it’s a herculean task to take care of that little one growing inside you. Eating for two is not an easy task with so many conflicting information on what to eat and what not. You are confused with what […]

Most Fashionable Books To Read!


I bet most of us have spent our Summer flipping pages of our novels while soaking in the heat. If you want that fashion spirit to combine with that bibliophile (a book lover) then friend,you are at the right place. We have the most saucy, inspiring, tasteful and riveting fashion novels for you. Though I […]

Fashionable TV Shows to Watch!


As a fashion enthusiast one always looks forward to what is new in the market and what new fashion can be seen on the small screen. From the Upper East Side to the chicest costumes of the Victorian Era, these shows have taken in the best of fashion to gain more viewers like you and […]

Benefits of Ginger

unnamed (14)

The benefits of ginger are well known to the people of our Indian subcontinent and the contents of ginger are very vital for the human body. Ginger contains most of the important vitamins,copper and magnesium which is essential for our body. Here all the benefits of ginger which will definitely change your life. Acne The […]