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Outfit Hacks: 6 Best and Perfect Inner Wear for revealing outfits

inner wear for revealing outfits

Are you always awestruck by the outfits of the celebrities? Well, me too. The thought which is followed after this is what inner wears do these celebrities wear in their revealing outfits. The backless dress or the plunging necklines look so sexy but it happens that we don’t know the exact inner wears for it. […]

Lingerie Packing Hacks: Top 5 Honeymoon Lingerie Packing Tips

After being the bride and enjoying the time of her life, the next thing for which the brides are extremely excited for, are the honeymoon. It is obvious that everyone plans their honeymoon destination and outfits beforehand, according to the place. But, do you plan your honeymoon lingerie according to the type of honeymoon? Clueless? […]

Perfect Pout: 7 trending lipstick which are going to rule in 2018

trending lipstick

‘Trends’. This is the most common word anyone will hear in the world of fashion. Fashionistas swear by the trend. Everything has a trend and we are talking about the 7 trending lipsticks which are gonna flooded in 2018. All these are going to be extremely popular and choose which one is your pick from […]

Deep Neck Twists: 10 Best Plunge Bra Choices for Low Necks

plunge bra

There are days when we love turtle necks and also there are days when we love deep necks and plunging necklines. It all depends on the moods and the trends. But, every outfit looks flattering when it is paired and styled correctly. So, the first rule to get a classy look with any outfit is […]

The Best 10 No Make Up look Products to have in our Makeup Kit

The no makeup look is one makeup trend which is creating a lot of buzz around the corner. It is too popular, these days. Well, the no makeup look is basically going for light and neutral makeup and looking effortlessly gorgeous. You must have read various articles or have seen various tutorials for the no […]

Love for Lingerie: 6 Best Hacks For Perfect Lingerie Shopping

lingerie shopping

There is no limit for the shopping of girls. And there should be no limit, too. At least this is one thing which is going to stay with us forever. We can’t limit and sum up our love for shopping in an article, that cute or sexy lingerie but here we give you simple hacks […]

Accessories Crush: 10 Most Classy and Essential Pieces To Have

Accessories have the power to increase your glamour quotient from 1 to 10. They are a must to complete your look. Accessories should always be worn according to your outfit to give a classy and smart vibe to your look. We bring an exclusive list of ten essential accessories you must always have in your kitty! […]

Fusion Wonder: 8 Ways to Rock the Indo-Western look


Fusion in fashion simply means mixing and matching two different kinds of outfits together. Fusion can be matching a different genre of jewelry or footwear matched with an entirely different genre of outfits. Mixing and matching your outfits in new ways always breaks the monotony in your looks. Below is a list of ten ways […]

Bralettes Affair: 10 Super Stylish Bralettes to Flaunt like a Top


Bralettes are the newest crop tops in town. They are ultra sexy and cute at the same time. Awesome to match with shorts and super hot to match with sarees! This is why we are loving bralettes so deeply. We have fished out the ten most glamorous bralettes and have brought for you to shop […]

10 Pretty Lingerie Set Choices You Cannot Afford To Miss

We cannot hide this feeling of getting awestruck by sensuous and pretty lingerie. They are so amazing that they are totally irresistible. There is always an urge to buy a pretty lingerie set and we end up splurging on them. Here is a list of most pretty lingerie set choices for your next purchase. I […]