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Beach Vacations: 7 Amazing Swimsuits For Your Next Vacation


Swimsuits are one of our favorite shopping. These are also one of that crucial shopping which we do lots of research and the guide to the best product. We are very concerned about the perfect fit, not much of skin show, the latest trend and so much more. Here we bring a list of seven […]

Lingerie Guide: 7 Perfect Lingerie for every kind of outfit

lingeri guide

There is nothing wrong in splurging on different kinds of lingerie items, which we always do. In fact, it is very important to have different kinds of lingerie for different kinds of outfits because the perfect lingerie makes your outfit look much better. Wearing a plunging bra while the workout is a very bad idea […]

Lingerie Rules: 5 Lingerie Commandments Every Girl should Know

lingerie commandments

More people, more trends and more trendy lingerie! While some trends are followed religiously, others are bunked for not being as flattering. There are several commandments in fashion which everyone must follow to be fashionable. Same goes with the lingerie. We bring 5 lingerie commandments which are necessary for every girl to know. 1. Perfect […]


Today we are talking about some of the summer lingerie options which every woman must have in her wardrobe. Why is summer lingerie even necessary? Because they are lighter. Also, in summers we wear lighter clothes and we need a perfect summer lingerie so that the lingerie is not seen from under the clothes. Also, […]