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DIY Project : Convert Your Earring Into A Beautiful Pendant Necklace

Hey there! Today we’re here with a cool DIY project on how to convert an earring into a pendant that is so easy and so very useful. We all have those lone earrings that lost their partners somewhere and now we don’t know what’s to do with them, let alone throw them out. I’ll say, […]

Jewellery Essentials Every Woman Must Have

Hey there! Ever found yourself in a situation when you had no appropriate accessories for a particular occasion? Well, we’ve all been there. Apart from the very few jewellery conscious ladies, most of the rest remain oblivious to the importance of jewellery in an outfit. So, today we’re here with a complete list of jewellery […]

Style Guide: How To Choose the Right Necklace Length

When dealing with necklaces, a crucial decision that we often find difficult for ourselves is how to choose the right necklace length, be it for a particular outfit or the best necklace length for us in general. This guide will help you determine your ideal necklace length and slay all your outfits like a style […]

Hot Topic: How to Accessorize your Feet!

No matter what people say, our feet are seldom a priority. But, don’t they deserve a lot better? Today we’re talking about happy feet and making them more merrier by accessorizing them. Many people are of the opinion that our feet don’t catch much attention, reason being they are the lowest part of our body […]

#HowToFashion: Styling Pendant Necklaces The Right Way!

Don’t we all simply hate that moment when you realize that the beautiful pendant necklace you bought last week doesn’t go with the outfit you planned for it or how so many other pieces are just lying in your closet waiting to be worn out in the world but you just can’t figure how to […]

#JewelryHack101: The Correct Way To Take Care Of Your Gems

“You don’t know a woman completely until you’ve seen her jewellery” The type of jewellery you wear says a lot about you and so does how well you keep it. We women love our jewellery but often find it difficult to keep the pieces in proper care. But don’t you worry, this problem can be […]

Super easy DIY leaf earrings to make from stuff from your closet

It’s more than common to find stuff while cleaning up your closet that can be easily upcycled into funky other goods. Old shoes, worn out bags, and old jeans are a good source of denim to use for other purposes. Why not make some quirky denim DIY earrings out of them? So, if you’re planning […]

All You Need To Know About Minimalist Jewellery

Spring is upon us and so are the newest accessory trends of 2019 and here, we’re talking about minimalist jewellery. We all know how women love jewellery but also that humid weather makes it really difficult to carry the heavy jewellery around. Well, if you’re thinking about jewellery right now, keep checking this space regularly, […]

8 College Outfit Ideas That You Need To Try RIGHT NOW!

Bonjour! Winter is saying goodbye and warmer days are coming close. With summer, welcome all the new trends to try out this year and experiment with styles at college. We have curated some awesome summer wear college outfit ideas that you need to copy right away! Whether you’re a girly girl fan or classic boho […]

#Earrings 101: How To Pick The Perfect Earrings

Hello there! We all have had that moment when we bought some earrings online but when we tried them on, they just didn’t go well with our face. I bet many of you may have struggled with the question that which kind of earrings are the best fit for you? Well, congrats because your struggle […]