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The Right Way to Initiate your Daughter to First Bra

First Bra

One of the most embarrassing phases all girls go through is primarily the pubertal age. It is quite rare for girls to readily embrace their increasing feminine aspect of their personality. While some find it difficult to cope with their bodily changes quite many are eager and look forward to the memorable once-in-a-lifetime event. Irrespective […]

5 Amazing and Trendy Ways to Flaunt Your Bra Without Being OTT

Flaunt your Bra

What makes the world think a bra is meant to remain under your clothes? It is called intimate wear because it is meant to adorn your intimate parts not because they are meant to remain secret or private! There are myriads of trendy ways to flaunt your bra and hear the Oh-my-god-gasps loud and clear […]