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Lipstick brands to Fall in Love with this Summer

Lipstick brands to Fall in Love with this Summer

With summers approaching, I’m getting super excited with the all new wardrobe of mine, beach dresses, crop tops, shorts and flip flops pretty much sum it up for me! I love them all! But one thing that stands out is lipstick. I feel that lipstick looks cool in all seasons but they look sexy as hell when worn […]

8 Footwear must haves!

Ballet Flats

We women are crazy about heels. Obviously after diamonds our best friends are those pumps/ flats/ kitten or stiletto heels that we carry and you gotta agree, you love them more than your crushes 😉 But there are always some shoes that you love more than the other ones but then there are shoes that […]

10 types of bra every girl should know about

types of bra

Just because bras are worn inside your shirt, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear only one kind of bra everyday, under every kind of top! Its fun to mix and match your bras with everyday clothing and if you know the formula you can add vogue to your look just with the right […]

7 horrible fashion faux pas by Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan

We always see our favourite celebs dressed perfectly from tip to the toe and making a remarkable entry everywhere. But, everyone makes mistakes and so does our beloved bollywood celebrities who’ve had their share of embarrassment which the whole world sees. But there’s someone who is constantly nagging the fashion police with her poorly carried […]

Fashion And Fringes: 6 Celebs Sporting Fringed Articles

Deepika Padukone

Fringe is the trend this season. Be it Footwear, Jacket, Dresses or Bags! Fringe is just everywhere and we’re all loving it. Not just us even our own bollywood celebs are going gaga over the fringe fashion. So here’s the list of actors who were found sporting the fringe fashion this season! 1. Deepika Padukone […]

6 Snacks you can munch on when you’re on diet


So here’s the thing. I recently started going to gym, working out and all, yeah? (So cool.) But being the foodie that I am I just can’t stay on a diet! I just have to keep on eating something! But my trainer gave me this diet with black coffee, green tea and obviously “oats” because […]