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Go Gingham This Season!


Wondering what’s that one fashion trend that never fades ? One that sails through all seasons and times. Well , Gingham prints fit in your search ! The prints are not anything new but off late it’s a trend that’s speeded up and all designers are honing in on new ways of presenting them. Presented […]

5 Ways To Style Your Winter Scarf In Every Season


How do I put on this winter scarf ? One question that pops up in all our minds every time we are putting on our favorite winter accessory that is the winter scarf. The scarf completes our entire attire , doesn’t it ? It’s like the easy add up which gives a fresh complete look. […]

5 Fashion (T)Errors to Avoid


Should I or shouldn’t I ? , I just don’t understand what she is wearing ! Or , I feel I don’t look good. I am sure all this comes across in your mind every once in a while.  We all are afraid to make mistakes as far as our dressing is concerned , aren’t […]