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Your Perfect Interview Look

Formal dressing

FACE AN INTERVIEW WITH PERFECTION! For an interview you want to put your best forward by looking perfect, not overdone. So, the way you present yourself at an interview itself plays an important role in the first impression you give off. Make sure you dress smartly and appropriately. Knowing what to wear for a job interview […]

Hairstyle For Your Face: What Will Suit And What Will Not?

Bob hairstyle

India’s most wanted hairstyles Essentially, your hairstyle is all about your face shape. Now, you may ask, “Why is this so important?” Simply put, if you wear a wrong hairstyle, the consequence can be a disaster. Now, going by the latest trends, you might want to get yourself a bob, a lob, or a pixie. […]

5 Things You Need To Pair This Summer


1. Dress With Canvas Shoes Don’t feel like wearing your towering heels with your dress for that Saturday night party? Fret not. Get comfy in canvas shoes. If your dress is a simple one, opt for a funky pair of canvas shoes, and the other way round. Our current faves are the basic white ones […]

Did you ever care?


ARMS, ELBOWS, SHOULDERS, BACK, FEET, FACE! Look closely, is there a difference in the skin tones? Did you notice that the skin tone of your face is different from that of your hands? And your shoulders appear fairer than your arms? We are all born with naturally fairer skin. But over time, this gets layered […]