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Mastering the Art of Block Printing: A Comprehensive DIY Guide

Carving the design on wood

Welcome, DIY enthusiasts! Today, we embark on an exciting journey to explore one of the most ancient printing techniques still revered worldwide – Block Printing. Before we dive into the details, let’s understand what block printing entails. Also known as wooden block printing due to the use of wood blocks, this technique involves printing text, […]

London Shopping Guide: Where to Shop in London?


Hello everyone!! Today I have come up with a super exciting article especially for all the girls. Shopping in UK is everybody’s dream workout, but where to exactly shop? Everybody knows about chanel, Dior and other international brands, but what about some awesome boutiques which you miss? Today I will be telling you about Some […]

3-D printing – Wearing technology

dress with the fall

Hello everyone. Today in this article, I will be discussing about a technique in fashion industry which is not well touched in India. It is 3-D printing. What exactly is 3-D printing? It is a process of making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many successive thin layers of a […]

Sweatshirts : Which Is Your Type?

A simple sweatshirt.

Hello people! Today in this article we are gonna talk about all time favourite SWEATSHIRTS! So, let’s talk about what exactly a typical sweatshirt is? It’s loose, and warm. Nowadays, sweatshirts are not just of cotton fabric but a lot of different fabrics. Sweatshirt is the only garment that can fit into any body kind, […]

Wardrobe Malfunctions-Let’s Fix Them!!

bra strap

Hello everyone! In this article we will be talking about wardrobe malfunctions. Wardrobe malfunction may vary from minor to drastic ones. They can be as small as visibility of straps to as large as slipping of a tube dress from bust. So,let’s talk about wardrobe malfunctions and some ways to fix them! The most common […]

Cyanotype Printing : A Step Towards the History

On t-shirt

Hello everyone. I am back with a very old but yet new to you textile technique and beautiful garments and handlooms out of it. Lets begin wit knowing what is exactly cyanotype printing. Cyanotype printing is one of the first photographic printing technique which was used in India. Photographs were developed with this technique. In […]

Gender equality dressing !!(girls as boys)

The dude look!

Hello everyone, this article is gonna be a fun read. This article is about gender equality in dressing; how a woman can dress as a man according to the said stereotypical standards. Let us begin with discussing how women, with their dressing style, can depict equality. A pair of jeans, a loose t-shirt, a scarf […]

Origami : The New Trend!

butterfly by origami

Hello everyone. Today’s article is on my favourite section of classification. The textiles! Today I will be talking about the new textile technique coming up in market- origami! A lot of people don’t know that this technique of origami in fashion is being used for a very, very long time yet at a minor level. […]

Gender equality dressing! (boys as girls)

Gender equality dressing! (boys as girls)

Hello everyone! So, people who have read my last article about gender equality dressing (girls as boys) would have an idea about this article. This is gonna be the funniest article for boys but worth thinking about and also something which girls want to make you understand! So, before starting with my article, I would […]

RESEARCH SURVEY : Skinny Jeans Can Make You Happy !

My skinny jeans

Hello everyone! In the article, there’s a result of an interesting research survey about skinny jeans and the happiness. Yes its true! According to a new research survey, skinny jeans represent more than just your sense of style; the fit of your jeans can predict how happy and confident you are. Qualtrics, a survey platform, […]