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Nature Is What I Will Wear Next!

pleating and draping

Hello everyone. People who are reading this are surely nature lover and who are not will be after this post. Nature is not just about trees or greenery, its also about autumn or color at different time of the day. It is also about the animals, soil and fire! It just us, who have to see […]

Deconstructed Comeback Of John Galliano

Clothing DIY

A DECONSTRUCTED LOOK THIS SEASON !  Hello ! So now who ever so is reading this is gonna get a new way of styling your old clothes ! YES ! Here we will be discussing about deconstruction today. The future of the fashion industry – Deconstruction is about using a old garment, deconstructing it and creating a […]

The Sci-Fi Fashion

THE LIGHT SHOW : Alexander McQueen

Sci-fi fashion , something which is not well touched in India , but isn’t it mesmerising to be the show stopper? Not to wear these garments , but yes to take the concepts like 3D printing, use of metal, lurex !! So, lets have a look on the London’s sci-fi film festival!! Given fashion’s forward-looking […]

Fabric Manipulation Techniques


Fabric manipulation techniques are the most mesmerising part of the designing field ! The silhouettes remain same , what changes is techniques applied on fabric! Here are some amazing fabric manipulation techniques ! Try this simple technique on a scarf and then you are done with your new look !!These are simple pintucks , when done on […]

What is your 70’s look ?

70s Fashion

Okay so let’s get ready for this autumn’s 70’s look. The world view of 70’s is something to get in. 70’s are something which are repeated and taken inspiration from , once in every decade. There is so much to know about it! Be it the woodstock festival, the hippies look, flower power and yes not […]