What’s In Your Bag? Things A Girl Must Carry In Her Handbag!

Sometimes, our plans change on the go. You may plan to simply go to a friend’s place to hang out and you may find yourself making dinner and drinks plans, or your colleague at work, having a really bad day is asking to step out for lunch to the new fancy restaurant in town and you pick today of all days to oversleep, ignore your hair and make up!

Oops, we have a situation at hand. We are going to tell you how to look a million bucks without having to move an inch from where you’re seated! For this you would need these things to carry in your handbag at all times:

1. Eye-pencil:

We are all in agreement that there is nothing that spruces up a dead-tired face like some instant eye make up. A few lines of black grant you the much necessary contrast you were looking for.

2. Lipstick:

The next thing on the list is undoubtedly lipstick. Carry about three shades, Red, pink and a maroon/purples works well for most of us. A touch of colour and an instant boost. Ladies, thats all the colour we need in our lives, trust me.

3. Rose water and cotton pads:

Forget wet tissues, they can be hard on the skin and leave ones skin feeling sticky and weird. Rose water will do the trick. Cleansing your face, removing impurities at the same time toning your face and giving your skin a glow.

4. Compact powder:

compact powder
This you probably do not require at all times, but when it’s a really, really fancy place, your soul will immediately reach out for the dear compact.

5. Blush:

Some more pink, some more sprucing.


This goes without saying. A lot of women prefer their deodrants. Personally, my Victoria’s Secret and Nina Ricci are my closet best friends. Spray some on your wrists, neck, some in the air in front of you and step into that fragrant mist.


Tissues, you need them. We all need them, when we’ve caught a bad cold, burst into tears, have runny mascara and dont have q-tips. The reasons why you may need these babies are endless. No arguments young lady. Carry them.


Carry a pair or earrings or a neckpiece a bangle, something to go with your blacks, reds, whites and creams. Putting them on puts a twinkle on your face soon bringing that twinkle in the eye. All the natural beauty a girl needs.


Spend long periods of time at work in airconditoning? This is for you. You NEED to moisturise to avoid dry and cracked skin later on, leaving you looking old and haggard.


This always helps, let’s not go into the details of when, why and what. It’s utmost essential!
-Those lipsticks we were talking about? Make sure one of them are lipbalm based.
-It would work wonders if your moisturiser was SPF rich, two birds in a stone.
-Accessories work best when they are in gold; screams panache!
-Carry some eyeshadow glitter too, if your bag isn’t too heavy already, the shimmer can be used all over the face and works wonders along with the blush.

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