“The Bath Candy Company”: Beauty Blessing or Disaster?

In recent times, organic beauty products have been the trend rulers and rightly so! With summer descending upon us and with the process of doing away with heavy beauty products, I have resorted to a more natural and organic skin care regime to help my skin breathe this hot season. After extensive research, I found out that along with being  beneficial for the skin, organic beauty products are safe for the environment, they are BPA free and cruelty free! Now, doesn’t this make them even more awesome?

One store that promises the benefits of all of the above is an online store called Bath Candy Company. They specialize in organic skin care products.

Just for trial purposes, I had ordered the facial mist and a body butter and it’s been a week since I have been testing the two products.

Firstly, their service is impeccable and quick. I received my product in 2-3 days for a nominal shipping fee of just Rs. 50!

Secondly, they have extremely cute packaging and are personalized to suit your specific needs.

My package came with the Facial Mist and Whipped Body Butter along with an instruction paper and two scented candles and some confetti!!

Batch candy



Let’s dig deeper into the actual products!

1. The Facial Mist

BathCandyCompany FM

I ordered the facial mist in “All Herb Calm” after reading the ingredients and its suitability on their Facebook page. Following the directions of use and trying it out for a week, I am quite impressed with it. It contains lemongrass and lavender essential oils which are great in keeping your pores tight and controlling the oil build up on your face. It claims to be a stress-buster and does exactly that. I am obsessed with it and spray it almost 3-4 times in a day. It’s refreshing and hydrating and has a cooling effect on the face once you spray it on. It’s not an oily formula, so your face won’t get oily during the day. It has also helped me fight away acne.

It retails at Rs.199 for a 100 ml bottle. Crazily inexpensive, right?

2. The Whipped Body Butter

BathCandyCompany BB

I ordered the Whipped Body Butter in “Lemongrass” because I really like the earthy fragrance of lemongrass. Along with a great aroma, lemongrass maintains your body’s pH level and helps reduce excess oil secretions from the skin. I guess due to adverse weather conditions in the place where I live, the body butter was liquid when it reached me. I contacted the seller and she told me to refrigerate and use it, apparently it produces the same effect whether liquid or solid. So, upon doing that and using it, I inferred that the product was oily and took quite a long time to be absorbed into my skin. It felt heavy and sticky. The fragrance had diluted because of refrigerating it and in all, the product wasn’t suitable for me. I have pretty dry skin but even for my skin, it was way too much to soak in. So, this product was not a hit from my end.

The body butter retails at Rs. 299 for a decent quantity of the product!

While the service that Bath Candy Company provides is quick  but certain products lack efficacy. While some products were delightful, others were a miss. Since it is just starting out new, they have miles to go and I am sure they’ll launch better products in the near future. I do suggest that everybody gives the facial mist a try as it is miraculously good and therapeutic.

Since this company doesn’t own a website of their own, they take orders on their Facebook page

So, get that debit card ready and swipe, swipe, swipe!

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