Be Your Own Neon Icon

Neons are the best way to stand out from the crowd! They shout confidence and sex appeal like none other. Want to wear them like a diva? Then, go ahead and set your own trend, instead of following stuff blankly. However, let’s take a look at some basics first so as to get a hang of the oomph ridden neon world.

Casual Comfort

1. You could put together the most basic pieces for this one. Keep the outfit simple. Wear neon colored jeans with a white shirt and a coat. Neon green accessories make for the perfect match. Put on your beige pumps and you’re good to go!


2. A neon green skirt would go well with a gray collared t-shirt. The black polka dots on the t-shirt make up for the otherwise plain outfit. With the black heels and coolers, you’ll look picture perfect!


3. Jumpsuits! Show off your style in this neon jumpsuit. You don’t have to try too much for this. The outfit speaks for itself. The black and white flower graphic prints bring life to the outfit and are bound to make your date go weak in the knees!


Dressy Lassie

1. It might be a sunny day and you might want to take a walk on the beach. With the wind blowing in your hair, you will certainly look in sync with nature in this dress. The flower printed neon green dress can be paired with a simple brown belt to accentuate your waist, too.


2. Look trendy in this black and neon green peplum dress. The lace work adds texture and we can never get tired of lace, can we? You could pair it with black or gold bracelets to add some jazz to your look.


3. Be the prom queen! This turquoise and lime, strapless dress is perfect for a party. Don’t forget your tiara, you adorable woman!


Desi Diva

1. Show off your desi side with this neon green saree. The neon orange bordered saree will look good on its own. Wear it simple and elegant like actress Priyanka Chopra did. We love the grey blouse!


2. Rock the dance floor with a Punjabi patiala like actress Alia Bhatt. The neon orange kurti layered with a yellow jacket is a perfect fit. Be ready to show off your dance moves.


3. Neon colours with black and white! This lehenga worn by Shazahn Padamsee is a good pick. It’s subtle in design, yet bright in colour. A definite go-to piece for those distant weddings.


Shout it out with neon! Go all crazy with the colours or tone it down with grey, black or white. Either way, neon is the way to go! Clad yourselves in bold tones cap-a-pie. Have fun, divas!

Photo Courtesy – Google Images

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