Beach/Pool Essentials

beach bag essentials

Deciding what to carry to a pool or beach can be very tricky. You might miss out on a lot of important things while packing, so here’s our guide for what you can carry to your next pool/beach outing. Take a note girls!

1. Swimsuit



Carry your favourite set of swimwear. This will be your opportunity to show off your summer body and how! Pick a bikini or swimsuit that suits your body type. Fault those curves in style 😉

2. Coverup


Carry a comfortable, semi sheer coverup for the times when you’re going to be out of the pool. It will not only look cute but also give you the right amount of coverage. A floral kimono or oversized tee shirt would look perfect.

3. Water


I cannot stress enough on the importance of carrying water to the beach. It will keep you hydrated under the scorching sun and prevent dehydration. Carry at least 2-3 bottles of water because there’s nothing such as too much water in summers.

4. Hydrating mist

hydrating mist

Another essential is a hydrating body/face mist. Your skin tends to feel dryer during summers so its important to keep your body and face hydrated at all times. You can either buy a mist or DIY it.

5. Waterproof pouches

waterproof cases

Carry a few waterproof pouches and cases to keep your important things from getting ruined in the water. You can put in your phone, camera and important documents into the pouch and seal it right away!

6. Towels


You can never have enough towels, so carry at least 2-3 towels with bright prints for your next trip to the beach.

7. Rubber flip flops

rubber flip flops

You wouldn’t want your expensive sandals to get ruined at the beach; here’s where these babies come in as a total saviour! Carry a pair of rubber flip flops which are super inexpensive and comfortable. Oh, and cute!

You won’t have to worry about them getting dirty at the beach because of the material. Happy flopping!

8. Scarf/hat

 head scarf hat

Carrying a scarf or a hat to the beach will be a blessing. It will not only save your face from getting tanned, but also protect your hair and your eyes! Carry a floppy hat or head scarf for that cute, beach appropriate look.

9. Sunglasses


A perfect pair of sunglasses can either make or break your look. Carry your favourite pair of sunnies and protect your eyes from the harmful rays while looking uber stylish.

10. Extra pair of clothes

extra tee

Carry an oversized tee shirt just in case you decide to run some errands after your day at the pool.

11. Sunscreen


Sunscreen is an absolute must for everyone. Even if you are not going to go to the pool or beach, you still must lather on sunscreen as it protects your face and body from the harmful rays that the sun emits.

Follow the instructions given on the tube and re apply every 2-4 hours as per the instructions.

12. Makeup bag

makeup pouch

While it is not advisable to wear make up at a beach, a little makeup never hurt anyone ;). For a beach/ pool appropriate look wear minimal, waterproof makeup. Dab on a waterproof BB cream, play around with coral colours for your cheeks and lips. Lip and cheek tints are the best to achieve this look. Layer on a few coats of waterproof mascara and you’re good to go!

Comment below and let us know YOUR beach essentials!


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