Beat the heat : Cute and Fancy Ice Cubes

The heat is on, and my is it humid this year. The only way, I repeat only way, to successfully beat the heat is with some chilled liquids. You head home from a long day at work, you chug some cold lemonade. A tiring workout, there goes a chilled bottle of coconut water. A night out with the girls, some wine on ice please! So why not be ‘uber cool’ this summer by chilling your drink with some fancy ice cubes. From personal use to showing off your creative (so not googled) skills at a party, here are some amazing ways to make fancy ice cubes and chill your drinks in the chicest way possible!

Instead of freezing plain water, add some herbs into it like mint or basil. That way when you put it into your drink, you’ll get this tinge of this earthy freshness! From adding it to some lemonade to your vodka soda – this ones going to make any drink taste amazing!

mint cube

Use edible flowers like pansies and orchids inside your ice cube. Fill half the ice tray with water, place one flower in each slab and then fill the remaining ice tray. That ay once the ice is frozen you’ll have really pretty floral ice – now that’s something no one’s ever seen before. It’ll add color to any drink and its totally keeping up with the floral trend this season.

flower cube

Personally I love Irish coffee, but by the time I get to the bottom its more water than coffee. Freeze some boiling hot coffee into an ice tray and use this ice inside your iced coffee. That way even when the ice melts it’s not just unwanted addition of water in your coffee. This hack could even be done for those who liked flavored tea. Make ice cubes of blueberry flavored tea and put them into your chilled cranberry tea – the two flavors will burst in your mouth!

tea cube

Mix orange and lime in a bowl and pour that into an ice tray to freeze. You could even do the same with some cucumber juice and basil leaves. When you put these ice cubes into a tall glass of water, you’re going to wish that water never ends.

lemon cube

Shifting away from regular ice cubes, you can scoop out little balls of various fruits like kiwi, melon, watermelon etc. Place these balls onto a tray and let them freeze for a while. You could put just one flavor into your soda or make it a fancy colorful soda with various fruit balls inside it. This could even work with some vodka or cocktails. Another great way is to make watermelon vodka shots and add a watermelon ball in the shot glass.

fruit balls

This one’s just a hack to chill wine instantly since using ice will water it down. Freeze some grapes and put it into your wine glass to let it chill while you sip it. Or you could pop some fruit balls into your wine, which would kind of make it sangria – which is equally amazing!


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