Beat The Heat Going Floral : Spring Look Book 2015

So when winter is here, can spring be far behind? Now definitely winters are leaving to make way for spring and the weather change got me pretty sick for the last couple of weeks. The fortnight has been pretty hectic with a lot of travelling, getting sick, taking medicines and more of them and wanting to return to this absolutely wonderful place to share a lot of fashion passion we have. Is not that which unites us as one huge community.

Enough said, with the setting in of spring I have been loving everything floral. It surprises me majorly because last season I was all about pastels and lace. To say the least I have stocked up on a lot of floral scarves and stoles. By a lot, I mean a freaking lot. I am due for buying another batch of them as soon as I get done with pending presentations and assessments. A post on my best buys this season remains due for March because by then I’d be more settled with my shopping ideas.

BTW have you guys checked out the collection at Forever 21. I have been wanting to get the time forever to visit their stores because I am absolutely in love with the collection they have online. My only issue is that more often than not their stuff turns out to be a lot different from what it is in photographs. Talking of that, they have so much floral print collection in store. If only I had those perfect toned thighs there was no way I was not purchasing all those skater skirts they have.

So what then in floral should you buy this season?

Dresses with intricate floral prints



Small delicate floral designs are never out of fashion. You can sport them just as well on a casual date as you can to an anniversary party. Add to them a statement necklace complimenting the colours of the print and you are ready to go to the best parties in town. Since the weather is still chilly, you might want to buy a lot of those pencil cut body hugging floral dresses and sport them with coloured summer blazers. This season however is more about below the knee lengths, so make sure your dresses are all in trend. Basically the season is more about middies.

Floral maxi dresses and maxi skirts

floral maxi skirtsSpring-floral-maxi-dress

As much as beach holidays in summer imply tanned uneven complexions, beach holidays are definitely more summery than any holidays as such. The perfect picks for a beach or pool party have to be long floral maxi dresses which are flowy and not too dark with the shades and floral maxi skirts paired with pastel coloured spaghetti tops. You may or may not add a pastel coloured shrug or blazer to either of the outfits. Accessorize with either long chains or go minimal with pearl studs. Style your hair with light waves and top the look with shades with preferably coloured frames.

Rompers and Jumpsuits.

floral rompers

floral jumpsuit

Rompers and Jumpsuits would be a rage this season too. Go light on the colours and add pastel coloured cardigans or blazers if it is an evening time wear. Pair with contrast coloured pumps to go colour blocking. Day time wear will be well complimented by neon shades of lipsticks or just something that goes bright on your lips. Hair can be worn either with cute clips or just a hair band. For a casual day look you might want a high pony tail with a pretty hair tie. Add charm bracelets and pretty delicate long pendants. A satchel or a tote bag goes best with the look.

Shorts, Skirts and Trousers

floral print trousers

I am intentionally omitting the floral blazers because you’ve done an overdose of them in winters. Pastel coloured light print shorts are there to stay this spring. Skirts can be skater, pencil, mini, midi or even maxi. Floral trousers can be worn for evening wear or casual day outs but make sure they are not over worn. Floral bottoms look best with pastel coloured tops or tshirts. Maybe you could just wear those pastel coloured tube tops or camisoles you have. For footwear flats and wedges go along just as well as heels. Avoid block heels and sneakers though.

Floral accessories


Not getting that favourite floral print in your size, or not too sure whether you can carry off those prints with the oomph? Maybe you could accessorize on floral. Pick up cute prints of floral scarves or stoles. You get the best at Marks and Spencer and Accesorize stores. If you want to go budget friendly, a good option can be to check with Forever21 and Top Shop. Or just visit a popular flea market, you’ll get a variety of them at a fraction of the cost. If there’s a print you’ve loved at the textile store, get a 1.8 metre piece cut and hem the sides for the perfect stole this spring. You can also opt for floral print backpacks, satchels, tote bags and shopper bags. You also get a variety of floral band watches and bracelets alongside ear studs, hair bands and hair ties. Accessorize in its recent collection has floral framed goggles for you too. Flip flops and floral printed pumps are a huge rage too. And if you are in love with florals as much as me, go searching on Ebay for the pretty floral phone back cover too.

Make sure however that when going floral you base the outfit around one floral and not go floral with every piece. That can turn out to make you look quite a fashion disaster. Just saying. So look your best this spring. Share how you style your floral prints.

Coming soon: Best Online Fashion Bargains this Spring

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