Beauty Benefits Of Vaseline!

Thought your favourite petroleum jelly was only good enough for dry and chapped skin? Think again!

vaseline jar

This classic staple has been a part of our households since a hundred years. But it’s use isn’t just limited to soothe irritated skin. There’s so much more a jar of Vaseline can help you with. Be it stray flyaways or the need for longer lashes, Vaseline has got you covered. Why buy unnecessarily expensive products when Vaseline can help you with the same for less! We are here to introduce you to the many beauty uses for Vaseline. Read away to overcome all your beauty emergencies in a jiffy!

Sun-kissed legs!

vaseline on legs

Heading out tonight in that sexy little dress? Apply Vaseline over your calves and shins for legs good enough for strutting the VS ramp! If you are a tan fan, add a bit of your favourite bronzer to the Vaseline to bring out the bronze goddess in you!


Baby soft feet!

soft feet

Why splurge on expensive foot creams and treatments when all you need is a jar of Vaseline! Apply a generous amount of Vaseline all over your feet and cover them with socks. Leave it overnight and say hello to smoother feet in the morning!

Bye bye split ends!

vaseline on split ends

Dry and split ends fading your shinning glory? Fret no more! Dab some Vaseline on your split and dry ends for instant results. But remember not to go overboard, less is more!
Healthy looking hair in seconds!

Dewy cheeks!

vaseline on cheek bones

Want a natural dewy look but without the dramatic effects of a highlighter? Then here’s a trick for you! Apply some Vaseline jelly on your cheekbones for that subtle but very effective glow.
Go light up a room girl!

Lush lashes!

longer lashes

Vaseline supposedly can make you lashes longer and thicker over time if applied diligently. So coat them lashes each night with some Vaseline for fuller looking lashes naturally. Bye bye falsies!

Easy cheek tint!

cheek tint

Here’s one for all the DIY fans out there! Melt an old lipstick of your choice with Vaseline for a quick and easy cheek stain. Or mix two or more shades to create a custom shade of your choice. The best thing being it also doubles as a lip stain!

Rock the bedhead!

beachy waves

Bad hair day? There’s an easy way to fix it! Dab just a little bit of Vaseline on the lengths of your hair and scrunch them for a sexy, ‘just out of the bed’ look!
Adieu bad hair days!

Lasting scent!

vaseline before perfume

Does your perfume tend to wear out as soon as you step out of the house? Dab a bit of Vaseline before applying your perfume! Vaseline has the ability to make your scent last longer. Apply some of the jelly on your perfume points to make your scent last through the day.
Spritz away!

Instant lip scrub!

vaseline scrub

Craving smooth kissable lips? All you need is some sugar and Vaseline! All you need to do is, take the required amount of jelly and add some granulated sugar. Use this gently on your lips as a scrub for softer lips.
Pucker up!

Tame eyebrows!

vaseline on eyebrows

Running out of brow gel? No worries! Our beloved Vaseline can also be used to tame unruly brows that just won’t stay. Set it using an eyebrow comb for best results.
Tip- It is also believed that Vaseline aids in eyebrow growth when applied regularly. It does’t hurt to try!

There you go girls! Vaseline is here to make your life a breeze. You will never find yourself in a beauty fix again!

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