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London Shopping Guide: Where to Shop in London?


Hello everyone!! Today I have come up with a super exciting article especially for all the girls. Shopping in UK is everybody’s dream workout, but where to exactly shop? Everybody knows about chanel, Dior and other international brands, but what about some awesome boutiques which you miss? Today I will be telling you about Some […]

FASHION MISSES: Kareena Kapoor Khan

kareena kapoor khan FASHION MISSES

Kareena Kapoor Khan is legit the ultimate reigning queen of Bollywood. Be it the red carpet or off duty chic, Bebo usually nails every look! But even our very own Queen B is not safe from a few fashion blunders. As much as we admire her style, there’s no denying that some of Bebo’s looks […]


lady gaga's pyro bra

Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta a.k.a. the one and only Lady Gaga is one of the most extraordinarily stunning and unpredictable singers, songwriters and actresses that the American pop music industry has known and witnessed. Unpredictable? Well, that’s because of the outfits and costumes that she’s often seen wearing at various events or shows that never […]

10 Bollywood Wardrobe Malfunctions You Just Can’t Ignore


I know I’ve been away for so long, but guess what was I up to? Spotting wardrobe malfunction of celebs to warn you of the fashion mistakes you should never commit. Here goes the list. Wardrobe Malfunctions can haunt celebs for life. Its like the only form of publicity they never want. Well, atleast I […]

Kim Kardashians 10 Flop Looks !


Kim Kardashian West surely has hooked all of us with her stunning looks…Famous for her Bootylicious curves, Kim Kardashian definitely has a sense of dressing for her figure. Her style has certainly transformed over the years and we’ve been there to catch every moment of it. Let’s have a look of how Kim was and […]

Fashion Disasters You Should Avoid!

Printed outfit

Being Fashionably disastrous is surely the most deadliest dream one can ever have. Everyone wants to be trendy and fashionable everyday. No one wants to be dressed up in a very unfashionable way. The most common mistake women make are not dressing up according to the occasion. So here are some of the tips that […]