Bejeweled : Your Wedding Jewellery Shopping Guide

jewelry for bride “Falling in love was the easy part; planning a wedding – yikes!”- Niecy Nash Wedding plans don’t come without a package of perfect planning, management of issues, event management and yeah, some expensive shopping too! Without shopping, it is impossible to imagine your look on your wedding day. People getting married are basically trapped in a dilemma of what to choose and what to ignore .When it comes to buying the most required and expensive shopping, shopping of jewelry, the confusion is elevated when choices are different in terms of material and stones. wedding We have some amazing designs for your wedding this season, all you need is to be a little attentive on how you select a good piece for you and shine throughout your special day.


kundan Exquisitely cut and polished, from the beautiful galleries of mughals,you have finely cut and polished multi colored jewelry pieces that will add beauty not only to your look but will set the ambiance ablaze. The  shinning process of “meenakari” and gold foil covering the intricate cuts make them more beautiful and pretty. If you are keen to match up your look with one of the famous celebrities of bollywood, Aishwarya Rai Bacchan,you can put Kundan jewelry that will also give you the zing of Rajasthan’s royal look as well as loyal influence. aishwarya Kundan jewelry sets are designed according to the taste and preferences of the people too, blend of stones and pearls give a soft and elegant touch to the piece and the detailed work on the cutting and polishing make them perfect choice for your wedding. kundan meena  


gold Gold is a highly valued metal that is surely loved by the older section of the society because it comes with a lot of value benefits. The craze of gold can never be replaced by any other metal form because it is still considered as a strong means of investment and return value. Youth is less attracted towards gold but gold ,if combined with some other stones and designs, can be loved by the youth too. south indian pearls There is a wide variety of designs available in the accessory market which offers designs influenced by south Indian culture, designs and textures, combination of the stones and gems. It gets easier to select as the taste of the youth is matched and the latest collections that are launched by the brands are also praiseworthy . Gold is evergreen and is loved by all!


diamond and gold As you read the word, diamonds, your eyes are automatically shinning already with the glaze of this mind blowing gem. Diamond jewelry is one of the significant kinds of jewelry that can be worn anywhere. With amazing cuts and designs, diamonds rock the gem world totally with its shine and luster. Diamonds are best suited on the dusky women, if you want to highlight the dusky part of yours, you can confidentially go for diamond set and flaunt your “Brown Rang” in a desi style. diamonds If you have a warm skin tone, and you love diamonds, don’t worry, diamond is for everyone. Diamonds look good with every skin tone and this specialty of diamonds is wonderful .


CV-MZAHA32517294460-Jewellery-ZAHARA-Craftsvilla_1 Emeralds are fascinating gemstones .They have the most beautiful , most intense and the most radiant green that can possibly be imagined emerald green .The lively luminosity of its color makes the emerald a unique gemstone. With classical shapes and transparency in its look, emerald is a gem that is mainly used in jewelry piece as a form of the center of attraction or small shinning parts. emerald These days, you can find emerald with diamond sets that compliment the overall look of the gem. For breaking the conventional trend of gold and diamond jewelry, you can try emerald and inspire the would be brides for trying something new and different.


cover page The value of the pearls in the jewelry is determined by a combination of luster, color , size and beauty. Pearls ,unlike the gems come in shapes and larger the size, more is the value .Teardrop shaped pearls are often used in pendants. With sophisticated touch of the mild and gentle colors, pearls win the hearts of many. Pearl jewelry is related to the softness as the shape of the pearl itself is round, combined with platinum, gold and diamonds, pearl can be best suited for your wedding day ! All that is required is perfect styling and a good make up and here you take a step to look stunning. pearl Embellished bride is always loved by all, so it definitely requires a lot of brain storming sessions with your family before finally buying a perfect box of jewelry set for your wedding eve. Selecting jewelry is not a difficult task, you must know your requirements and what your outfit is, selection depends on your aesthetic sense as well. Careful planning on how to select the ornaments and how to wear them are the shopping strategies that you must follow. photo    

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