Best Airport Looks Of Our Favourite Celebs

Being a celebrity isn’t easy, there’s tonnes of travelling accompanied with several outfit changes. Flights can be tiring and frustrating; Sitting in one place can get quite annoying. We mortal humans would prefer comfortable outfits, but celebrities are always on their job, and always need to look their best no matter where they are.

Stick around to witness the different celebrity airport looks!

The absolute glam


Kim’s go to outfits include fur coats and an airport appearance is no different. Heels, fur coat, deep V-neck sheer top, leather pants! Ah, cannot get any more glamorous now, can it? We can only picture a Kardashian pulling this off! It’s a bit too fancy for an airport, but the karjenner family don’t ever stick to the norm. Kim’s known for standing out with an outfit that’s on point. This look certainly got that in the bag!


Then comes the ultimate comfort look


A hooded onesie. Thinking about where you’ve seen this? On a baby…but the comfort now extends to adult preference as well!Okay the glam factor is the red lips, but come on, after a tiring flight, she looks perfectly fresh, all thanks to that onesie. Rihanna often embraces the comfort factor and has been seen wearing onesies repeatedly.

An important factor to consider though is the functionality of this look. It’s definitely comfortable but visiting the bathroom here could be a nightmare!


Low key




There’s nothing more laid-back than an old black tee with a baseball cap. Of course, leave it to Kendall to pull it off so perfectly. As we can see, Kendall adds a new level of sophistication to the otherwise boring outfit. Even though it’s one of our low key looks she adds the bling the karjenner family is known for. The destroyed jeans make the look more cool and collected and the cap adds to the simplicity of this look! The pointed shoes are totally chic as it compliments her black purse.

The scarf-leggings-loose tee look that Selena strikes with is another one of our favorite low key outfits. She’s got the casual/comfy/cute/cool thing down! Her own pillow, that’s absolutely comfortable in our opinion. A scarf is so clever when you travel, can keep you warm and double as anything.

The low key factor compliments the comfort displayed in both looks, adds some style and gives celebrities a great solution to catch some rest out of the spotlight.

The ‘I’m cool’ look

NO JUST JARED USAGE She's looking ab-solutely fabulous! Miranda Kerr shows off her toned body in a crop top and high waisted leggings as shedeparts from the Los Angeles International Airport Pictured: Miranda Kerr Ref: SPL1190441 051215 Picture by: Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666

The choker and bomber jacket makes Miranda look edgier than a simple crop top and leggings would. The high waist leggings fit her shape perfectly and her exposed midriff completes the look with a cool and nonchalant style. The supermodel is known for never getting an outfit wrong, and this perfect, sleek ensemble is an example of that.

The ‘Goth’ look


katy perry

The all black ensemble Katy Perry pulled together represents a gothic look with a slight edgy element due to the boots. Katy Perry has her own unique sense of fashion and this outfit strikes as one of those unique looks and just the opposite of Kendall’s low key outfit. The sheer skirt, gold chains and hat definitely make Katy stand out from the crowd.



And finally, most celebrities fit into this -one- category!

The ‘sophisticated/classy look’







It isn’t too much for an airport, but it’s not too less either, it’s way above our standards though! Miranda and Alessandra look stunning and classy with the pointed heel look and overcoat. Victoria does indeed outshine them with a sophisticated monochrome look. Eva indeed combines comfort with style and flashes a rather subtle look that hugs her figure perfectly.








This category absolutely compliments each of these women, it also allows all of them to try something different. Looking closer brings to light the loud pink bag Eva’s carrying, or the cheetah print bag Victoria’s pulled together and the purple bag Alessandra’s got. It doesn’t absolutely fit the look, but definitely compliments it and allows these celebrities to be bold, unique and stunning at the same time. Bottom line, this look is totally relaxed and chic at the same time.

So, there it is folks, the best of airport fashion. Which one is more you? Comment in the section below!

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