Best Bargains : Online Shopping Guide for this Festive Season!

‘Tis the festive season guys! And we all know what that means. Online shopping – all aboard!

We’ve all seen it in the newspapers and advertisements all over the media. Online shopping sites are making their best efforts to provide their customers happiness. So, what are the best bargains we’ve in store? We all know that there a lot of shopping websites that you could choose from. But there are some things to remember when you shop online during the festive season.

Don’t get carried away by the advertisements and purchase everything! We don’t need holes in our wallets. Make sure you compare the price from one site to the other. Let’s look at different products.

#1 Women’s clothing –

For instance, the same Anarkali may cost you a hundred rupees less on another site than the one you’re looking at. Traditional and modern, this Anarkali* is the perfect pick for celebrations.


Hey, hey! Wait. Let’s compare.

This product costs 3599/- and it’s sold for 880/- with a discount of 75% on one website. The same costs 1999/- and it’s sold for 915/- with a discount of 54%. Now, the profit is 2719/- on the first site and better as compared to 1084/- on the other(I know. You don’t like Math. But we need it).

#2 Men’s clothing –

Sherwanis* for men? Let’s see. Look at this one.


Now, this product costs 8999/- and it’s sold for 7199/- with a discount of 20%. The same product costs 8999/- and it’s sold for 5399/- with a discount of 40%. Obviously, the product on the second site is the one that’s going to get us the profit of 3600/-.

The same method applies for children’s clothing, accessories, bags, shoes etc.

#3 Gifts –

It’s the time when you gift your loved ones with all kinds of things. It could be your little niece or your fussy teenage son or your better half! There’s a gift for everyone on shopping sites. You could also gift yourself something.

How about some stuffed toys* for the little ones?


Something educational for the teenagers? Probably a novel or a Kindle? If that’s not interesting, then you could also get him/her a video game, perhaps? And for your better-half? Or your best friend? You choose that! You know better.

Also, do keep in mind that online shopping sites might up the prices during the festive season. Then they’ll put up a discount for the products. You need to be more careful. There have been incidents in the past where customers received fake products through shopping sites. Make sure you’re purchasing with a trustful dealer. You can find reviews of products on the sites. Remember, quality matters!

Finally, the most important thing is that there are a lot of options to choose from. Take your time and choose wisely. Don’t empty your pockets by the end of the season. Happy and safe shopping guys! Shop till you drop!

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