Blake Lively: The Ultimate Fashion Icon

Blake Lively, popularly known as Serena Van Der Woodsen from the American television show Gossip Girl, has time and again caught the spot light with her unmatched style and fashion sense. She seems to pull off almost all color combinations and dress combos effortlessly, be it on the Red Carpet of the Cannes or just shopping on the streets, she always seems to look fabulous. It’s not that Hollywood does not have its share of well-dressed women, but Blake Lively just beats them all, The reason? Here are 10 most versatile looks of Blake Lively that would make everyone realize why she is one of the most iconic Fashionistas.

1. That black dress, knee high boots and the rocking big hat made Blake Lively look as if she is right out of some Vogue Runway Show

Blake Lively wearing black dress, boots and a big hat


2. Blake Lively pulled off that yellow frilly bridesmaid gown with a black belt like no one could ever have

Blake Lively wearing yellow gown


3. A monochromatic strapless dress never seemed to fit someone so perfectly as it did her

Blake Lively wearing monochromatic strapless dress


4. The all-white gown made Blake Lively look more like a Greek Goddess than a school-girl trapped in boyfriend-drama

Blake Lively wearing white dress


5. Black, blue and yellow never seemed to match so well till they were seen on herBlake Lively wearng yellow dress, black jacket and blue purse


6. The black and red coat and the black boots make everyone want to keep reliving winter like Blake Lively

Blake Lively wearing black and red coat


7. When it comes to street style, she is unbeatable with her “just some other level” chic style

Blake Lively in her street style look


8. Even in simple jeans, white deep neck top and boots, Blake Lively looks as if she is right out of a high fashion brand catalog

Blake Lively wearing simple jeans, top and blazer


9. That silver sequined dress makes everyone want to bring the 20’s back

Blake Lively wearing silver sequined dress


10. A grey dress with a draped belt looks so beautiful on her as if they just belong together

Blake Lively wearing grey dress


Street-style or Red Carpet gowns, Blake Lively has slayed them all. She is her own stylist and that has rewarded her with much appreciation time and again. Rightly so!

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