BlogTalk: Chiara Ferragni- The queen of fashion accessories

Chiara Ferragni is the most loved fashion blogger of the year with over 5.5 million followers from around the globe on Instagram. She is a style icon, a shoe and accessory designer and the owner of The Blonde Salad. At the age of 28, she has managed to get her shoe collection as a subject of study at the Harvard Business School and at the beginning of this year she was also announced as the global brand ambassador of Pantene.

chiara ferragni

Her love for fashion and street-style is visible through all her posts and designs and that is what makes her so special and her brand a must have in everybody’s wardrobe! Here are four reasons why we love Chiara Ferragni and what makes her what she is:

1. Her gorgeous range of shoes

Her gorgeous range of shoes

Our personal favorite being the flirting shoes (with the wink), available in different glitter shades, her shoe line varies from loafers to flats and heels, in all kinds of designs. They are so exclusive and unique that they can spice up any outfit, from a dinner date to a day at college. They can fetch anybody the compliments they deserve.

2. She has by far the coolest sense of fashion jewelry and accessories

She has by far the coolest sense of fashion jewelry and accessories

She loves to mix and match and this is so important to learn what goes with what. The key element being keeping it simple, Chiara never goes in for over doing it and remains fixed with keeping it classy. In most her posts she is seen dawning Caia Jewelry which fits her style of dressing perfectly.


3. Tattoo loving

chiara ferragni Tattoo loving      chiara ferragni mobile cover

chiara ferragni Tattoo        chiara ferragni finger Tattoo

Yes, this woman has the best tattoos ever and if you’re thinking of getting any then just go ahead and check her’s out for some inspiration. They will really blow your mind! They’re not only cute but very original too. Our personal favorite being the one in which mickey mouse is taking a selfie, showing her love for photographs.

4. She can pull off anything, just anything

chiara ferragni style

From simple to extravagant or feminine to fierce, Chiara can wear anything and make it work. She loves to add a certain element of zing to every outfit and has a certain love for keeping it sassy and classy, it seems impossible to make things fit in like she does.

Hopefully, you too have fallen for her like we did and she too took your heart away with her incredible sense of style, inspiring you with all that she has to offer.


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