Bollywood Inspired Summer Trends 2016

Summer is here already and we are continuously on the lookout for something comfortable yet stylish to carry ourselves in. Thanks to the hot and humid temperatures, it is a big task to pick out something that will be a head-turner.

Be it a family function or a casual evening out or something to wear to college,  we are always forced to stick to the options which are summer friendly.

So then how to choose what will look trendy enough and what won’t?

Making a style decision can be so tough, isn’t it? Let’s take a bit of inspiration from our Bollywood divas and rock the summer trends.

Naked Dress


The Naked Dress , slowly and gradually, has become a big trend in the fashion circles. It is a great choice to wear for those summer nights when you have to attend a party or function but do not want to be over-decked. Naked Dress is nothing but a dress embroidered or having sheer designs that create a hide and seek game of sorts and keeps one wondering whether it is see-through or not.



Without a doubt, Florals is another big trend that cannot be missed for the summer. You could wear it as huge flower prints or minimal mosaic art. It can be incorporated into your t-shirts or your saris. Florals could be present anywhere to bring that fresh look into your summer style.



Capes have this royal and magnificent quality about them. But Bollywood has not shied away from adorning this garment for the good summer vibes. Take the cape inspiration and spice up your usual summer outfit for some fun.



Well, T-Shirt is quite predictable, I know. But what if I told you that you could stand out in a crowd by just wearing a simple T-Shirt? Check out these cool women work the T-Shirt and give you some ideas for the next casual summer outing.

Cold Shoulder


As much as the name sounds weird and rude, the trend is the direct opposite. It is fun, breezy and an easy look to carry for the summer. The term ‘Cold Shoulder’ is a funky take for showing off your shoulders in cut-out silhouettes. Experiment with this look to wow your friends and onlookers the next time you step out.



Everyone by now is aware of how big the humble sneakers have become. With almost every celebrity and fashionista donning this accessory, it is actually a good thing as sneakers are so affordable and simple to work on. Sneakers have the power to take your whole style to another level.

Ripped Denims


The ripped denim trend is another summer favorite that has been popping up on every fashion-conscious person’s style wish-list. Make your summer look fashionable with a pair of ripped denims.

Beach Waves

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Beach Waves are a style-saver for all the girls looking to amp up their hairstyle for the season. The beachy waves add up to the cool factor for this summer. You could style this look for short , medium and long hair.


So, girls, take some inspiration from our lovely Bollywood divas and make the summer fashion your best ever!!!!

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