Bookish Obsessions-Wear Your Geek On Your Sleeve!

Are you a bookworm? Or just a lover of books? Or you love all things pop? Either way, you must have come across lines or quotes that keep you happy. Some might make you think, others might inspire you. How would you love to carry around those words of wisdom with you? From t-shirts to totes, you name it! Everything has been influenced or inspired by books and we obviously love those binge watching marathons of our favourite TV series. Here are some interesting things you could own! Flaunt the geek within you!

#1 T-shirts

Wear casual tees to college or anywhere at all! Look and feel comfortable in these bookish creations.

“The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green has melted hearts across the world. This cute conversation between Hazel Grace and Augutsus Waters has now become the favourite of all romantics. Get your t-shirt here.


“The Hunger Games” trilogy has a kick ass protagonist, Katniss Everdeen. Does she inspire you to become a brave being? As we all go through tough times in life, let’s always remember Suzanne Collins’ wise words.


#2 Accessories

Everybody needs to spice up their outfit with some trendy accessories. Look cool with these bookish accessories.

The “Harry Potter” series by J.K.Rowling has had a great influence on people of all ages. It still holds a place in every wizard’s heart. Become a student of the most coveted institution of wizardry, Hogwarts. Check your mail box here.


“Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer is yet another series that took the readers to a different world. Is Bella Swan your favorite character? Have the spirits of love possessed you? If so, get your moonstone necklace here.


No one’s too old for fairytales. The classic “Cinderella” has wooed little girls’ hearts around the globe and boys, too! Does the inner child in you still believe in magic ? “Have courage and be kind” with this necklace adorning your neck.


#3 Mugs

You may like coffee, you may like tea.

When it comes to mugs, these words will speak.

Begin your day with an inspiring cup of coffee or tea. Not much of a novel reader ? If it’s comics you like, don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Superman to the rescue!


Or is Batman your superhero? Fear not. Here’s your choice of power.


Gulp it down in style. Let your super powers be revealed in the early hours of the day.

#4 Watches

Get rid of that plain old boring case. Why not try these instead ?

Carry your phones in stylish, bookish covers. Whether you have a particular favourite or you just love any bookish accessory, this could be your new obsession. This one has several book spines on it. Check out the “Game of Thrones” themed watch here.


If Sherlock Holmes is your inspiration, this one’s for you. See time in a new way.


Whether you’re a book nerd or not, these products are a must have. If not books, then comics might be your thing. In the least, you can look cool. Even if you don’t read, you might have seen the movie adaptations. There must be something out there! Look smart and stylish wherever you go. Go find your bookish obsession now!

Photo Courtesy – Movie Korner, Planet Superheroes, Redwolf, Voxpop, Posterguy

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