Bottoms You Need In Your Wardrobe This Summer!

 Summer season gets everyone out on the streets, flaunting their summer bods and legs! But at the same time, you gotta make sure you don’t sweat out like crazy with your fashion! It’s a usual thinking that summer calls for dresses, but how about you keep it chic with some super comfy, yet sexy bottoms to go with your tops too? So, here’s a look at few styles that could be new summer trends!

Printed Pants:

printed printed floral kristin cavallari printed

These pants define summer with their bright colours bringing out the summer vibes! Also they look cute with almost anything! Be it a tank, crop top or a button-up! Not only can you pull off formal outfits with these pants, you can also keep it casual. You don’t have to stick to the usual summer floral pants- you may also opt for Aztec prints, stripes or cartoons!

Cut-off Shorts:

cut offs cut off 2 sel gom cut off

Definitely a summer favourite or even an all-time favourite!  Cut-off shorts are cute and comfy and they let you flaunt your sexy legs! Cut-offs aren’t just restricted to denim, they could also just be gorgeous as coloured or ripped! They’re always a good idea when it comes to street style, beach style or even couch style. 😉 These shorts could be your best friend during the scorching heat of summer!

Maxi Skirts:

maxi   m slit maxi

Flowy skirts are a good choice when it comes to summer! And a flowy, airy maxi skirt also looks as good as it feels! And if the heat’s too much, go for maxis with slits which just give you more leg freedom and comfort! Also, flaunt your hip bones and figure with tight m-slit maxi skirts which are guaranteed to look super sexy with the right top!


Beach Pants:

beach pants 2 beach pants

Chilling on beaches in summer is EVERYONE’s favourite thing. The beach calls for bikini bods, sun tans and ice-cream! And people are a little bored of the usual beach looks-sarongs and cover-ups, so get the new look with beach pants! These lacy, sheer pants are the missing piece to your bikini! Not to mention that they won’t get stuffy and hot and don’t worry, you can still flaunt your bikini bottom!

Palazzo Pants:

vaness boho palazzo palazzo kendall palazzo coachella

Palazzos are loved by women all the time! They come in handy during emergencies and they never let you down! These airy pants will keep you cool in the summer as they are loose, flowy and let’s not forget, absolutely classy! A wide variety of palazzos can leave you bewildered as they can be printed, satin or even wide leg. There are numerous ways in which you can style your palazzo pants. They go perfectly with tanks, crops and tight tops which look incredibly stylish! Your legs would have never felt so free and relaxed until they end up in a pair of palazzos!

High Waisted Shorts:

alessandra-high waisted ariana high waisted bandeaux top

An old, retro trend that made its way back into the fashion scene- high waists! Don’t we all love the way it accentuates our waists?! High-waisted shorts are a rocking idea for the summer! You can look retro and modern at the same time as these babies look stunning with crops! And pair ‘em up with a belt or heels and the world is your red carpet! These shorts also help you show-off those toned legs and abs, which is sort of the best of both worlds!

Midi Skirts:

midi   midi pleated   Comic-Con International 2015 - FOX International Studios' Comic-Con Party Celebrating Robert Kirkman's New Drama "Outcast"

These half length skirts have been stunning us through the ages and the colourful, flowy trend continues! These skirts can be paired with loads of options like noodle straps, crops, tanks or even matching tops! There is a huge range available in the market which has us craving for these stunning pieces daily!

Harem Pants:

aladdin harem sonam aladdin pants Victoria Beckham

The Arabian pants are the epitome of comfort with poufy style and edge! They are usually perfect for all time scenarios but they definitely make the cut even more as summer favourites! Classy, sassy and super fun, these pants can be paired with tops to either create a formal or casual look which is perfect for either the summer internships or bar-hopping nights!

Wrap skirts:

wrap  wrap skirt 3  wrap skirt 2

Wrap skirts are a trend that has caught on! And boy, they look hot! Give your legs the space they need with these asymmetrical skirts which can either be long of short! These are super cute and are what you need to spice up your summer style!


What we all need during summer is to be relaxed and look good! And a good pair of bottoms is the answer to all your problems! It’s easy to just slip into a dress or jumpsuit in the summer, but there are so many options waiting to be explored with your sass. Bring in some variety in your wonder wardrobe and chill through the scorching heat with panache!


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