Bride and Beautiful: Ultimate Jewellery Guide

It’s the wedding season and the madness can be chaotic. Before each function, “What are you wearing?” phone calls and WhatsApp exchanges that land everyone in a tizzy are customary. Somewhere in the middle of the madness is the bride, prepared to leave everyone stunned. The story of the bride, however, takes place on a different tangent altogether. Jewellery occupies a special case in the trousseau. In this article, we are bringing to you some of the types of jewellery that are absolute hot cakes this wedding season. Have a look!

1. Temple Jewellery

temple jewellery temple jewellery1

In the southern part of India, temple jewellery is usually the norm–lots of gold and intricate designs. It is believed to be inspired by temple statues and various motifs, which are characteristic of this region.

2. Kundan Jewellery

kundan jewllerykundan1

Kundan, meaning pure gold, is the name given to the process of hammering together sheets of pure hand-beaten gold to form cups or containers to hold the glass, diamond or any other stone. Kundan is the traditional work of Rajasthan and some parts of Punjab.

3. Flower Jewellery

flower jewellery flower1

Most brides adorn fresh flowers instead of jewellery for the mehandi ceremony. Floral rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and floral hairdos make the bride-to-be look fresh and vibrant. Different flowers which are used to make jewellery are carnations, roses, and orchids in different colors.

4. Minakari Jewellery


Minakari is a way of enameling a unique combination of gems, and enamel pigments. The jewels are enameled by layering finely powdered enamel colors into engraved grooves. Each layer of color is fused in a pre-heated kiln to achieve an even, translucent finish. Not only uncut diamond or glass stones but even rubies, emeralds, sapphires and semi-precious stones can be set in kundan using minakari.

5. Pachchikam Jewellery


If you want to wear jewellery with old world charm, then pachchikam jewellery is just for you. Major USP of this jewellery is that instead of using gold in jewellery making, it makes use of silver, and is thus, quite affordable. Originated in Gujarat and Kutch centuries ago, Pachchikam jewellery is very much in vogue.

Every bridal jewellery has its own significance and carries a load of emotions for the bride. This is one time you can splurge on jewellery, guilt-free. So make sure you pick the right ones, ladies!

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