For all brides-to-be: Get that perfect bridal hairstyle with these tips

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Amidst all the wedding stress that a bride-to-be has to go through, the major thing that remains on her mind is how she will end up looking on the D-day. It’s a bit of a cliché, but your hair really is your added glory on your wedding day, so you’ll want it to look its very best. With fashion trends cropping up from all over the world, there are a number of hairstyle options to choose from. So, to avoid a huge blunder on your D-day, here are some tips to follow to get that perfect bridal hairstyle:

Prep Up the Wedding Dress

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Your dress must be the integral element for everything else around it; the wedding hair, the jewellery, shoes and makeup. Find a dress that compliments you and makes you feel like a million bucks. And why not? After all, every bride wants to look like a queen on her extremely special day!

Maintain Your Mane

For a bride-to-be, it becomes important to go for hair spa treatments and get those split ends removed to look perfect on the wedding day.

Pamper yourself and indulge in hair spas and deep conditioning treatments every fortnight in the months leading up to your wedding. Doing so will ensure that your hair remains shiny, moisturised and well nourished.

Also, you should keep a strict check on those split ends as keeping your locks healthy will accentuate your gorgeous hairstyle by notches.

Don’t Shy From Experimenting


A good hair dresser will sit with you to go through your dress and the choice of hairstyles that would go with your attire. Be experimental and get the hairstyle that you think would suit your desired look the best. If you’re not sure of how to describe the look and styles that appeal to you, collect photos and reference eras that you’d like to try.

Book a trial before deciding the bridal hairstyle

This point is super imperative with regards to your big day. When you have a couple of thoughts, take them along to your hair dresser for a couple of trial sessions. Give yourself a lot of time, as you would prefer not to settle on choices in the last couple of weeks before your wedding day, only adding to your anxiety level. The season of year you’re getting hitched will likewise influence your hair. For example, you might need to go for sunkissed highlights in case you’re having a mid year wedding or choose something darker in case you have your wedding in winter.

Are you comfortable with it?

Another point to keep in mind is how comfortable and easy going you are with the hairstyle. If your hair is secured with a thousand tight clips, so much so that you cannot even move your head without getting a headache, change your look. After all, there is no point in looking at the photos and regretting your hairstyle later, right?

Shouldn’t something be said about hair accessories?

Here we put together a list of most used and famous hair accessories to flaunt this season.

Matha Pattis

A simple matha patti can glam you up and transform your look in minutes. It is spread out all across your hair with a center motif- this is perfect for fashion forward brides who can wear this with a sleek hairstyle.

However, if you want to make more heads turn, you can opt for a heavy traditional matha patti and keep other accessories like earrings, necklace and so on to the minimal. We love how Priyanka Chopra rocked this look with the matha patti.

 Mang tikka
Mang tikkas have always proved to be one of the most worn wedding accessories for bride-to-be as it is simple to flaunt and can give a very effortlessly stylish vibe to the wedding look. The best thing is that you can opt for a bold traditional piece or go the light route with a simple one.

This year a lot of brides were also seen wearing kundan mang tikkas with pearls. It adds to the vintage and classy look that you might be looking for. In fact, you can choose from a wide variety of options ranging from Rajasthani borlas, crystal tikkas, chand bali style and tikka with pearl chain.


Head chains

They are the westernised contemporary version of matha patti which are very much in demand these days. Single, double or multiple strands of chain lay rest on your head for a classy and elegant look. You may wear some elegant head chains on your engagement or sangeet ceremony for an indo-western look. You may also adorn them for those cutesie pre-wedding shoots where you want to look stunning but not resemble a Christmas tree!


Juda pins 

One more hair accessory that made news this year were the juda pins for bride-to-be. They are primarily used to beautify traditional hair buns. They also come in a variety of designs ranging from traditional to contemporary designs.

 You can also try juda pin earrings where extensions from traditional earrings are attached from both sides to a fancy pin in the middle. It gives a very classic bride look.

Floral and Gota Patti Jewellery

Indian weddings have a deep rooted convention of using flowers to decorate almost everything in a wedding. In any case, nowadays, the use of flowers in a wedding is not constrained to decorating wedding venue. With floral jewellery becoming a new trend for the wedding season, they can now be donned by a bride-to-be also. There is also another kind of jewellery that is extremely trending these days and that is gota patti jewellery. These are unique concepts which make the bride look gorgeous and enjoy all those pre-wedding functions. Wearing them on your mehendi and haldi functions is absolutely a must!


One last and most imperative thing to remember is that your wedding is YOUR day. YOU choose what will make you feel happy and satisfied. On the off chance that a simple hairdo will make you more satisfied, so be it. For whatever length of time that you feel cheerful and delightful within, you will be the most flawless lady of the hour.

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