Bright Lips At Work

So you just bought that awesome fuchsia pink lip colour. Congos! But where would you go after putting it? Only at the seldom evening outs with your friends? What’s the fun in that? Can you wear it to office? Look, trust you me! There are no such rules that say wearing bright lip colours at office will get you slaughtered. If you do this correctly, you could be the reigning fashion queen of your workspace. Find out how:

Prep those lippies:-

Scrub your lips

You know which part draws most of the attention when you wear a bright lip colour? You are correct! Your lips! So prep those babies well. Scrub them with a soft toothbrush and apply virgin coconut oil for soft, supple, pink lips.

Choose the correct shade:-

Choose the correct lip shade

We all know how one colour makes the face pop up while the other can make us look like , REALLY UGLY. You must choose the correct shade to avoid these “mishaps”. As a rule of thumb, warm skin tones look good with lip shades of bright coral or orange undertones; while cool skin tones look good with lip shades with blue undertones. But the best way is to try out the lip colours under a similar light like that of your office.

Keep the rest of your make up subdued:

There are very few things as beautiful as a clean face with a bright lipstick.

While there is no such thing as right or wrong in fashion, there are safe things and unsafe things to do. One such safe thing is to highlight one facial feature at a time. So, at least, for the initial few days, keep your eye make up more naturalish and please, please PLEASE go easy on the blush. There are very things as beautiful as bright lips on simply done faces.

Apply it correctly:-


Since bright lips draw much of the attention to your lips, doing it wrong would also bring “Bad publicity”. Make sure that the lip colour is put evenly and there is no feathering. No I do not mean feathers coming out of your lips. Feathering refers to the situation when the lip colour bleeds at the outlines. Line your lips with a lip liner or with the help of a brush and a little of your lip colour. You do not have to own lip liners in each matching shade like your lip colour-just find a few liners which you can wear with a variety of colours. For me, a nude lip liner, a bright red one, a dark red one and a brown one do the trick. Also, make sure you touch your lip colour as and when required, in order to avoid the lip liner staying on your lips without any lip colour. Very 1990s, sistas! And just don’t, DON’T have lip colour on your teeth. Try putting some Vaseline on your front teeth to avoid this.

Show off that pout CONFIDENTLY: –

Bad Make up with confidence

Now that you have worked so hard, just SHOW OFF! Have confidence in yourself. Remember, all these will just fall flat if you are not comfy with your new avatar. Confidence makes everything beautiful. So even if you ARE caught with lip colour on your teeth, just tilt your head and say. “What! You are SO not aware of the latest trends! You living under a rock honey?” And watch the entire office wearing lip colour on their teeth the next day!

So what do you think? How else would you like to facilitate wearing bright lip colours to your office?

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