Brooches for everyone! Which is Yours?

Brooches? Really? Is that a thing or has it just vanished into thin air? I’m not sure whether it’s “in” right now. If it’s not, let’s bring it back! Men wear it on their sherwanis. Women wear it on their sarees. Maybe you don’t like it because it’s just plain boring. Maybe you’re unsure if it’ll look good on you. You just need the right style. Let’s see what’s in store for you.

For the Queens and Princesses –

You could be traditional and wear these.

#1 Traditional Brooches –

a. Red Queen – 


Embellished with stones, this red enamelled brooch gives your saree a rich look.


b. Antique Princess –


Beautified with purple and green stones, this brooch is perfect for a party wear.


These brooches can up your desi look. Be it a saree or a salwar, these will bolden your style.

#2 Fashionable Brooches –

a. Flower Power –


This brooch with pink buds and stones is a good pick for little girls. Anyone would look pretty with this simple and trendy accessory.


b. Nature Princess – 


With black and white butterflies and some grape coloured beads in between, this brooch will look great with your cocktail dress.


c. Dancing Dame – 


Maybe you love dancing. You could show off your skills at a party with this perfect accessory. You could also gift it to anyone who loves dancing.


Wear the traditional brooch and look like a complete Indian princess. Or look trendy with your stylish brooch at parties.

For the Kings and Princes – 

#1 Traditional Brooches – 

a. Gold King – 


Men, you could wear this traditional brooch embellished with stones. Gold plated, it gives you a rich look.


b. Blue Prince – 


The royal blue with stones makes this a perfect brooch for your sherwanis.


These traditional brooches will make you feel and look royal.

#2 Fashionable Brooches – 

a. Ahoy, Captain – 


Look like the captain of the ship with this gold plated wheel brooch.


b. Black Knight – 


Look like a warrior with this shield brooch. Show off your English accent, if you have one.


c. Swag Prince –


Look cool with this aviator styled brooch. You could also wear actual aviator glasses to show your swag.


Show off your royalty with the traditional brooches or be cool with your stylish ones.

Whether it’s for a wedding or a party, wear a brooch to step up your style quotient! Look different and turn some heads at that event you’re hosting. Go all or nothing this festive season!

Picture Courtesy – Flipkart, Jabong, Pinterest

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