Budget Fashion Shopping: Dubai

Dubai- the land of dreams and opportunity and soon to be the fashion capital of the world. Rocking every tabloid and newspapers aren’t only the sky scrapers and landscaping of Dubai but also it’s foot forward in the world of FASHION. From the biggest brands to the small shops, Dubai has it all. Being a resident of Dubai for 13 years it is only fair for me to write this post to educate traveller’s or living residents the way of Budget Shopping in Dubai.


During my stay in this beautiful and magical city I have discovered the way of  budget shopping around. Sure there are malls and luxurious designer wears but nothing will come your way from this without burning a large hole in your pocket. So here are some places to shop budget clothing:

1) Deira wholesale textile market

It is definitely a bit difficult to get here as the traffic is is never-ending in the peak hour but honestly it is all worth the effort. You get the trendiest pieces of textile here for an absolutely low cost. Around 2 meters of any fabric here is 10 AED(175 Rs approx.) which is quite a great bargain. After purchasing the textile you can head down to a tailor in Al Fahidi Street to get your top made. The total cost of a top will approximately be around 50 AED(860 Rs approx.) which is an amazing price for an intricately detailed blouse.

Deira Market   Deira market 2


2) Karama Shopping Centre

Located in the heart of the city, Bur Dubai, Karama Shopping Centre is a shoppers paradise. With the trendiest clothes to accessories to Sunglasses to shoes it has it all. The price of the clothes range from 20-50 AED(approximately 350-860 Rs) and is unbeatable for the great quality. Bargaining is the key to this place and is usually a buzzing tourist hub. Everything here is China made and is a safe haven for silver junkies.

Karama Centre  Karama Centre 2


3) Carrefour

Carrefour UAE is a hypermarket with branches spread out all over the country. It stores everything from Tv’s to groceries.  The best part about Carrefour is that the clothes are updated every week which means that there are new buys almost every week. They have frequent in-store sales and their prices are unbeatable for affordable and great quality clothes. If you’re a shoeaholic but don’t want to spend a lot then Carrefour is the store for you. They have an exciting range of handbags and accessories too. There’s something for everybody in Carrefour.



4) Labels of Love

Having only a few stores in the UAE Labels of Love is great shop for the latest finds in fashion. They usually have discounted items from huge brands almost 30-70% discount on items. They have an updated collection and great deals. You can find Aeropostale tees for as low as 20 AED(175 Rs approx.) which is an absolutely unbeatable price. The key to shop in Labels of Love is to keep looking and searching within clothing racks to find your style match.

Labels of love


5) Global Village

Who on earth hasn’t heard of the Dubai Shopping Festival? It’s a rhetorical question! During DSF Malls go on a 30-70% discount and Global Village is set up for about 2-4 months for the same. Global Village is basically an area where people from different countries set up stalls in order to sell their goods. Usually there are 20-25 different country pavilions set up and have a wide variety of goods being sold. Shopping in Global Village is an absolute bliss as there is live entertainment along with great food stalls spread out all over the area. Although getting around the area will take an entire day but its completely worth it for the fashion bargains you’ll find. Global village is truly a pot of boiling cultures.


These are only a few of the many budget shopping places I had discovered during my stay in Dubai i am hoping. I hope this post really helps future traveller’s to get an insider into this city of fashion and fabulous finds. Trust me this City holds much greater surprises.

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