Buying Lingerie Online: 10 Tips You Must Follow

We all know that in spite of our Sarojini Nagar love, there is always one thing which we cannot really buy from there. Yes, ladies, you guessed it right. Lingerie! Because hygiene. Most of the stuff at street markets tends to be export reject or at times, second hand material too! Or so the legend goes. In either of the circumstances, buying lingerie from roadside is not really a good decision as you might just catch an infection or it might not provide a good fit and comfort. And thus, we are left with the option of buying lingerie from showrooms or online. Now, buying them from showrooms is not that difficult a task as you oft have an attendant tagged along with you. But, in the world of the unknown online, there is only so much you can know. So, if you are the one who still has jitters while shopping lingerie online, then read on the following tips which can definitely make it an extremely easy task.

buying lingerie online

10.  Explore Your Options

explore your options

The utmost benefit of shopping online for anything is the plethora of options you get in terms of available websites. For lingerie shopping, our favourites include Zivame, Clovia, Buttercups and Prettysecrets. Most of these sites have some or the other offer going on, all the time. The sites have different products and you might want to explore the sites to the T to figure out which one has the greatest discounts and range!

9. Know Your Size

find your size

Buying lingerie online has one drawback for sure. Or if not a drawback, then at least, a slight obstacle. The perfect size! The 34B of one brand might actually be 34C of another. How?! We don’t know! But yes, this does happen all the time. 🙁 So, before buying from a particular website, make sure that you cross-check your regular size with the size chart that is available on the website. Buttercups, for instance, even provides personalised fitting appointments so that you can be absolutely sure about the gorgeous bra that you buy.

8. Set Your Budget

set your Budget

We know how those sexy babydolls and cute boyshorts can burn a huge hole in our pockets. Also, online shopping means you are just clicks away from spending a bomb. So, it is advisable that you set a fixed budget before plunging into the world of online shopping.

7. Decide Your Category

decide your categories

One of the most beneficial aspects of online lingerie shopping is that the different products are neatly arranged in virtual shelves in the form of categories. So, first thing you want to do is use the filters available and decide whether you want to buy a push up, balconette, racer back bra or want to splurge on lacey thongs instead. Once a category is set, you can focus on the relevant items and save time.

6. Pics Do Lie!

expectation vs reality

The corset which looks like a million bucks on that model in the picture might actually not produce the same effect on you. Know that pictures can be misleading! Not only are most of the pictures airbrushed, also the item is often not of the same quality. For this, do make sure that you read through the details of the products mentioned in the description.

5. Swear By The Reviews


We all get cold feet about the product quality and more while buying lingerie online. In addition to going through the product description, you should check out the reviews of the product as well. They provide first hand information by the customers and thus, you can rely on them.

4. Use  Helpline/Chat Boxes

use chatboxes

Fine, we know that some websites take a lot of time in responding to your queries but hey, you would not want your gorgeous lingerie set to end up looking like a ragged piece of cloth, would you? It is always advised to clear any doubt you may have regarding the product by contacting the website through their helpline number, customer care support or chat boxes. They are there to help you choose your greatest outfit and you must not feel shy about it!

3. Look For Coupons

look for discounts


The fact that online shopping can get you immense discounts cannot be stressed enough and you would be a fool if you were to buy products online at the same price as quoted. There are numerous websites which specifically provide coupons for other e-commerce websites. This might take some time but the end result would be a thicker wallet and who minds some extra inches there? 😉

2. Read Through Their Return Policy

read through their return policy


Sure you do not buy a product thinking that you would have to return it. But just in case, consider this: what if your piece of clothing does not fit you or is simply not what you had expected? In such cases, it is better if you know the return policy of the website beforehand to avoid any future hassles.

  1. Use Referrals

use referrals

This is a Godsend! We promise! Different websites have different referral code systems which help you and your friend get some insane discounts and benefits. All you need to do is refer your friend to that website and voila! Awesome lingerie shopping, WITH DISCOUNT, lies ahead!!


So, ladies, make sure you go through this checklist and splurge wisely the next time you shop lingerie online.

Happy Shopping!

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