By The Words Of Grandma, We Abide!

There’s nothing wrong with being wrong, unless you don’t experience it, you can’t admit it. We are living in a world which is guided by rationality and science and we could not stress more on their sheer awesomeness. As a result, we tend to turn a deaf ear to the bits and pieces of wisdom that our grandmas provide, labeling them as superstitious, illogical hokum. But, being the skeptics that we are, here we have tried to bring to you those words of wisdom by which you can abide. And, what’s more? We’ll tell you apt reasons!

Wisdom No. 1 : Sleeping in air-conditioning can give you a chill.

Sleeping in air-conditioned room & now fever

Science says: Air conditioning dries out the protective layer of mucus along nasal passages, which in all likelihood, allows viruses to infect you more easily.

Wisdom No. 2 : If you go out with wet hair, you will catch cold.

Wet Hair affected by cold

Science says: Research indicates that a wet head helps cold viruses take hold, by tightening blood vessels in the nose and making it harder for white blood cells to reach the viruses and fight them off. 

Wisdom No. 3: Honey speeds healing.

Honey heals Burn

Science says: Mild to moderate burns (but not other types of wounds) heal faster if you spread honey on them – maybe it creates a moist, antibacterial environment that promotes tissue growth.

Wisdom No. 4 : An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away

Science says: APPLE fruits potency, the peel is a good source of quercetin, an important antioxidant that helps lower blood pressure, fights asthma and allergies and prevents heart attacks. Wonder fruit it is!

Wisdom No. 5 : Ginger is good for upset stomach.

Ginger Herbal Extract

Science says: Yes, good evidence shows that ginger reduces nausea. Whenever you feel that your inner parts are churning like a tornado, have some ginger based tea or other concoction and see the magic.

Wisdom No. 6  : Chocolate gives you pimples.

Chocolate can cause Acne

Science says: Not quite, Chocolate Bars might trigger an acne flare-up, but if so, the culprit is probably the sugar, milk and gooey fillings, not the cocoa. Yes, we can never rationalise the ill-effects of our darling chocolates!

Wisdom No. 7 : You can lose weight by eating more fruits and vegetables.

Eat Veggies & Fruits and lose weight

Science says: If you replace your junk food with more and more fruits and vegetables, it’ll do wonders to your body. Eat clean and watch all the toxins go away.


Try to incorporate these in your daily life and use the old age wisdom in this hi-tech world. These will certainly help you maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. And yes, stop doubting your grandma so much, ladies! Haven’t we always said, Old school is the best school? Any day!

Don’t forget to thank your grandma for this love in disguise!

Happy Health!

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